1. Great affirmations. Thanks for sharing. Definitely add some of these to my daily routine

  2. Thank you for sharing these! You are so appreciated for this. In my struggles, I’ve learned that using positive affirmations is SO IMPORTANT for mental health. My biggest struggle is reminding myself to BELIEVE these affirmations – so, to help with this, I say them aloud to myself while making eye contact in the mirror.
    My favorites:
    1. I am Enough
    2. I am Loved and Worthy of Love
    3. I am Resilient

    1. Hi Kristie, I love those affirmations and saying them out loud in the mirror is such a great habit to have. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love affirmations! They’re very helpful and they become more effective and powerful with everyday practice. Thank you for sharing these affirmations.

  4. I didn’t see this one on there, but it’s one that I believe is important to tell myself, “ I love myself.” I used to think that was some form of vanity, but I soon realized that if I didn’t love myself the alternative was that I didn’t like who I was.

  5. I love, love, loved these! Thanks for sharing. I will be adding a few to my morning routine.

    1. Yay! So glad you love Alyssa 🙂 Having positive affirmations is soooo good for the soul 🙂 Take care!

  6. These affirmations are very important right now. Thanks for such a great post and worksheet!

    1. Hi Julie Ann – thanks so much for taking the time to write 🙂 I agree – affirmations are more helpful now than ever. Enjoy!

  7. I struggle with limiting beliefs and have been trying to figure out how I can help with that. Incorporating self-love affirmations every day should be very useful. Thanks for sharing such a positive post!

    1. Hi Heather – Thanks for sharing. I understand as I’ve been there too. Even when things seem really hard little things like these affirmations really can help 🙂 Take care!

  8. I’ve found that not only writing affirmations but speaking them out loud really helps bring awareness to them. Like a little pep talk for yourself each morning!

  9. I’ve started incorporating more intentional self love. I appreciate this list to get me started and suggesting how to work it into my routine.

  10. I needed ths, I used to write down a different affirmation daily, but got out of the habit

  11. I started by writing down my personal thoughts, and sad to say they are still more negative than positive. But I’m going to work on this with the help of your article! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Denise thanks for sharing your experience and you own them, I like a tool and I don’t know if it is available through Yolanda’s site they are called “(dysfunctional) thought records” you can example a thought more in depth for example the first column you write the date, then situation ( at my families for example) automatic thought ( no one understands me) for example , emotions ( anxiety, sadness for example), distortion: my doesn’t appreciate of care for me (example), alternative thought: my family is not always emotionally available/supportive ( example), outcome: feel better feel worse or at a later date track it… they help with those lingering thoughts that are there for a reason but need to be explored 😀 I hope you are doing well on your journey.


  12. I love this. Been watching videos from Abraham Hicks, Marrisa Peers, Joe Dispenza, etc the past few months. Practicing my own affirmations have been a gamechanger for me. Here are my following affirmations

    1. I am enough( newly inspired quote after listening to Marissa Peers)
    2. I am exactly where I need to be right now and I look forward to where I end up going
    3.I write my own story.

    1. Hi Thomas – Thank you SO much for sharing your affirmations. They are all fantastic and the ‘I am exactly where I need to be right now…” really resonates with me. I think I will use that one as well. I will have to check out those videos you mention. Take care! 🙂

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