40 Self-Care Questions To Check In With Yourself

When was the last time you did a self-care check-in? Life is busy, and many of us, especially as women, have a hard time dedicating quality time to ourselves. We feel stress and overwhelm and continuously put everyone else ahead of ourselves.

So, today I have some self-care questions designed to do a little check-in on how you’re doing.

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The purpose of these self-care questions is to…

  • See how you are doing today (in your current state). How are you feeling? Are you looking after yourself properly?
  • Look at opportunities to make the ideal self-care plan for you – something you can realistically weave into your everyday life.

I have also included some daily self-care check-in questions you can use to prioritize self-care on a daily basis.

The Benefits of Using Self-Care Questions To Check In With Yourself

Using self-care questions can have so many positive benefits, such as:

  • Identifying your needs and wants
  • Defining different areas of your life that you can focus on
  • Pinpointing healthy habits you currently have and new self-care habits you want to create
  • Helping you create a customized self-care plan that makes you feel loved, important and provides you rest and rejuvenation when you need it most

Before we get started I want to call out there is more than one right answer here. In fact, these self-care questions are designed to help you see where you are today vs how you can make a self-care plan for tomorrow. 

Use these questions as a resource to help you prioritize yourself.

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40 Self-Care Questions To Check In With Yourself

40 Self-Care Questions To Check In With Yourself

Self-Care Questions For Your Current State

These questions will help you see how you’re feeling overall.

I recommend using these self-care questions if you haven’t checked in on yourself in a while – or never checked in on yourself. 

Grab a notebook to begin your self-care check-in to see how you’re doing today.

1. How have I been feeling physically?

2. How have I been feeling mentally/emotionally? What are my stress levels like? Do any negative feelings pop up?

3. Do I feel I’m living a balanced life?

4. What are my personal boundaries? And how can I stick to them?

5. How well do I sleep? And how much sleep do I typically get?

6. Does anything keep me up at night?

7. Am I eating a well-balanced diet?

8. Is my daily schedule manageable?

9. Do I create time for rest and relaxation?

10. What does self-care look like for me today?

11. How will better self-care improve my life?

12. How will self-care improve the lives of those close to me?

13. Why don’t I practice more self-care? What obstacles get in the way?

14. Are there any habits I would like to change in order to create more time for self-care? If yes, what?

15. Does anything make me feel overwhelmed?

Self-Care Questions for Future Plans

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These self-care check-in questions will help you make plans on how you want to improve your self-care. As you’re creating your self-care plan, look at the answers to the above questions in the ‘current state’ section.

16. What does my body need to feel good?

17. How can I support my emotional and mental well-being?

18. How do I want to feel when I wake up in the morning?

19. How do I want to feel when I go to sleep at night?

20. What are the simple pleasures in life that bring me joy? Make a list and find inspiration here.

21. What are some activities that I love doing? Break it down into social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional. Make a list for each.

22. Can I try a new hobby? Write down some ideas…

23. Do I have any goals I’d like to pursue? Are there any new things I can work towards?

24. My ideal self-care routine is… list activities ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

25. How can I add one element of my ideal self-care routine to my day?

26. How will I make my full self-care routine a reality for me?

Daily Self-Care Check-in Questions

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These self-care wellness questions are the perfect way to check in with yourself on a daily basis.

You can use these as journal prompts and answer the questions first thing in the morning or as part of your bedtime routine.

27. What’s on my mind today?

28. Is anything worrying me?

29. Am I excited about something?

30. What brought me joy today? (or yesterday if you’re answering these questions in the morning)

31. What can I do today that will make me feel good?

32. What am I grateful for today?

33. Who can I call or speak to today that makes me happy?

34. What foods can I eat that will boost my energy levels?

35. How can I get some physical activity today?

36. List something that has gone well this week.

37. What did I do outside today or what can I start doing?

38. What do I feel inspired by?

39. What was my mood like today? To explore your mood further, download my free mood tracking worksheets

40. Were there any events that impacted your mood for the good or bad?

Tips To Make A Self-Care Plan

Define A Self-Care Plan That You Can Easily Follow

This means focusing on the small things that make you feel good alongside larger self-care practices. Small ways to practice self-care might be:

  • Taking 5 minutes to sit in the sun with your morning coffee
  • Treating yourself to new skincare products that make you feel great
  • Diffusing some essential oils while you work
  • Reading a chapter of your book at lunchtime

Write A Self-Care To-Do List

You can also use a habit tracker to create this list or use one of these printable self-care checklists.

Focus On Self Care Every Single Day (& Make It A Routine)

Schedule self-care in your calendar – this could mean small 5 – 10 minute breaks throughout the day or a larger chunk of time such as 45 minutes to an hour+

Get To Know The 5 Types of Self-Care

There are many different aspects of approaching self-care. There are self-care activities for physical health, spiritual health, emotional well-being, social activities and intellectual practice.

Focusing on these 5 areas of self-care will help you create better balance and happiness in your week.

Check out my self-care worksheets that help you practice these 5 areas of self-care…

self care planner printable worksheets

Self-Care Practices That Are More Than Just Bubble Baths

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So often we think of self-care as getting our nails done or having a bubble bath, but in fact, self-care can be anything you like. Anything that makes you feel good. 

Self-care is about tending to your own needs and doing what you can to take better care of yourself.

Here are some self-care activities you can learn more about:

  • Live in the present moment to reduce stress and practice mindfulness
  • Practicing self-love
  • Picking up a new hobby
  • Spending time with people you love
  • Giving yourself permission to say no
  • Having a blissful morning tea or coffee in complete silence
  • Gardening
  • Listening to your favourite music
  • Learning a new skill
  • Going to yoga
  • Reading

As mentioned above, there are 5 main types of self-care (physical, social, spiritual, intellectual, emotional) and as long as you’re doing something to feed into each of these you are practicing self-care. 

Your choices are unique to you, so get creative. As long as you’re doing something that feels good and you love, you’re on the right track.

Final thoughts

These self-care check-in questions are a powerful way to look after yourself. You may not realize when you’re overworked, overwhelmed and not dedicating enough time to yourself. This is where these self-care questions are truly helpful.

What’s Your Favorite Form Of Self-Care?

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