15 Printable Self-Care Worksheets For Adults & Kids

If you’re looking to kickstart your self-care journey downloading one or more of these top self-care worksheets is a great place to start.

Most of these worksheets are free or a small price and each offers big value to support your personal growth.

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Why Use Self-Care Worksheets?

The benefit of using any of the below printable self-care worksheets is this is the first step to being intentional about looking after yourself.

You’ll find self-care activities and ideas to help you create a new self-care routine so you can create better balance in your daily life.

These self-care worksheets will provide solutions to help you:

  • Combat low self-esteem
  • Practice positive self-talk, while reducing negative thoughts
  • Create a self-care plan to support your own unique needs
  • Take care of your mental health
  • Create a plan of action to take better care of yourself

What Activities Are Good For Self-Care?

Well, believe it or not, self-care is a whole lot more than bubble baths and massages.

Deciding what self-care activities are right for you starts with taking a look at what you need most right now.

I like to break self-care down into 5 main categories…

  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Emotional

So, think about which of these areas you’d like to focus on and which is the best place to get started.

Also note: It’s ideal to work in at least one self-care activity into each category every week – in order to maintain a happy balanced life. CLICK HERE to scroll down to my ‘Building a Happy Week’ Worksheets to help you make a plan for this.

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15 of The Best Printable Self-Care Worksheets

15 Of The Best Printable Self Care Worksheets

Below you’ll find self-care planners, checklists, journaling pages, affirmations, trackers and so much more.

These self-care worksheets are perfect for adults, kids, teens and young adults. Give them a try and make sure to share which worksheets you downloaded (in the comments section below).


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1. Self-Care Assessment

This self-care assessment worksheet helps you reflect on current self-care practices and helps you identify areas of your life you need to focus on more. You’ll be answering questions that focus on:

  • Physical self-care
  • Emotional; self-care
  • Social self-care
  • Spiritual self-care
  • Professional self-care

This is used by many social workers and mental health professionals but it’s absolutely available to you as well.

self-care assessment worksheets
via TheTherapistAid.com

2. Self-Care BINGO

Try this fun self-care BINGO game to find some new self-care ideas. Play on your own or with friends. Includes 25 self-care ideas.

printable self-care bingo
via Put The Kettle On

3. Self Love Affirmations Worksheet

Includes 25 self-love affirmations plus a worksheet to identify positive thoughts, negative thoughts and guidance to use affirmations to help you turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

self love affirmation worksheets
via Put The Kettle On

4. Self-Care Wheel

This self-care worksheet is known as the world’s most popular self-care resource. The self-care wheel illustrates 6 key areas of your life to focus on with self-care ideas for each.

It’s a simple worksheet worth printing and keeping close on hand to reference.

Self-Care Wheel printable
via OlgaPhoenix.com

5. Free Printable Mood Trackers (Weekly and Yearly Worksheets)

The weekly mood tracker template is designed to take note of your mood at 5 specific times a day – early morning, morning, afternoon, evening and night.

By tracking your mood daily you can identify different emotions and keep an eye on triggers that lead to negative thoughts and feelings. 

(This is something I created when I was going through group therapy and they wanted up to track our mood every hour of the day! I felt every hour was WAY too much, so 5 times seems much more reasonable).

Two free printable mood trackers - weekly and yearly pdfs to download and print
via Put The Kettle On

6. Printable Daily Self-Care Log

Use daily to keep track of meals, physical activity and personal goals, relaxation and gratitude.

It also includes space to write inspirational notes and to keep track of reading.

daily printable self care worksheet
via Coupon Queen

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7. Self-Care Coloring Checklist

This creative self-care checklist gives you inspiration for every day of the week, plus keep track of your own specific self-care priorities.

Make sure to use some colorful pens and markers to fill this one in!  

self care coloring checklist
via Add A Little Adventure

8. Printable Personal Growth Bundle

This big bundle includes self-care planners, habit trackers, mood trackers, gratitude and reflection pages, weekly and daily planning, a 12-month calendar (undated) and a lot more!

You can plan and organize, track what matters and get creative.

⭐ Use code 50OFFPTKO for 50% off at checkout!

printable personal growth planner
via Put The Kettle On Etsy Shop

9. Self-Care Journal

These self-care journal pages include 6 main topics in the self-care wheel:

  • Sleep hygiene
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Socializing
  • Gratitude
  • Boundaries
  • Interests/Hobbies

The creator is a therapist and has so many helpful resources in her Etsy shop.

self care journal printable
via Counsellor Cronan Etsy Shop

10. Self-Love Planner with 30-Day Challenge

Try this 30-day self-love challenge with a printable worksheet.

You’ll get:

  • A daily self-love planner – includes a schedule for all appointments and activities and some reflection prompts
  • 30 days of self-care ideas
  • A worksheet to customize and track your own self-love challenge.

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self-love planner worksheets
via Put The Kettle On Etsy Shop

11. Building A Happy Week: Self-Care Planner

Keep track of your self-care activities every day of the week to help you build a daily routine that makes you feel great.

Get access to 75 self-care ideas (in 5 key areas of your life) so you can build a happy, balanced week.

⭐ Use code 50OFFPTKO for 50% off at checkout!

self-care planner worksheets
via Put The Kettle On Etsy Shop

Self-Care Worksheets For Kids, Teens & Young Adults

12. Self-Care Cups Worksheet

This kid’s self-care worksheet helps identify things that cause overwhelm or exhaustion, people who help, places that calm, things that empty your cup and mood-boosting activities.

kids self-care worksheet
via Dandelion Training and Development

13. Self-Esteem Bucket

This self-care worksheet is for kids to take a look at what makes them feel good, what makes them feel bad and what coping skills to use to fix the holes in their bucket.

self esteem bucket - kids self-care worksheets
via Counsellor Cronan Etsy Shop

14. Teen Talking Cards

Includes 30 conversation starter cards to help you engage with your teen.

Social workers and therapists can also print these and laminate them to use regularly as part of their practice.

Not a typical worksheet but definitely worth adding to this list of self-care resources.

teen talking cards self-care printable
via Counsellor Cronan Etsy Shop

15. Daily Self-Care Worksheet

Use this free daily self-care worksheet to keep track of your self-care activities every day. Try to do one self-care exercise from each category.

daily self care worksheet
via SelfLoveRainbow.com

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More Helpful Resources For Self-Care:

Here you’ll find further support and resources to help with your self-care journey.

What Self-Care Worksheets Are You Going To Try First?

Share in the comments below…

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