1. One of my large ones is rubbing the inside of horse’s ears. Before or after I ride, I like to rub my horse’s ears and feel the fuzzy warmth of it. I find it very relaxing and connective.

    1. Love this so much! I do the same with my dog 🙂

  2. Love these. So many of these are things I really need to remember to enjoy – especially nowadays! Great list.

  3. I love how you put them into catagories by senses! Thank you for all the reminders of things that bring joy

  4. This is such a happy and joyful list of simple pleasures! I love that this list is so encouraging and positive.

  5. I love this! Too often we’re focused on big plans and dreams, seeing happiness as some major thing that’s always just out of reach. The reality is that there are many, many ways to feel joy and happiness every single day if we just open ourselves up to the idea.

  6. this is an amazing list of simple pleasures in life.
    I particularly love seeing other people smile.
    it completely makes my day.
    thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Douglas Jasper says:

    So many great ideas to make us feel happy. Thank you!

  8. I absolutely loved this article and smiled so many times reading the ones that really hit home for me. I would only add one thing to smell and/our sound: a campfire on a summer night! One of my favorite sounds is the crackle it makes and people laughing so around it. And it’s also one of my favorite smells as well. Reminds me of happy summers!

    1. So happy you enjoyed the article! What a great addition to this list – the smell of a campfire – yes! That could actually be something for all 5 senses once you add roasting marshmallows. Thanks for sharing Nicole!

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