37 Powerful Signs of a Strong Confident Woman

It’s often said that the key signs of confidence in a woman come from strength and independence – something that also portrays confident women as magnetic and attractive.

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Many confident women show their confidence through:

  • Physical traits such as positive body language and eye contact
  • Other important qualities like being certain of what they want in life

However, there are many more signs of confidence in a woman and that’s exactly what we’ll be digging deeper into today.

As you’re reading about the key characteristics below I’d love you to think about the areas you are already confident in, plus what you’d like to focus on in your personal growth journey.

Benefits of Self-Confidence

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According to Psychology Today, the benefits of having high levels of self-confidence…

Less fear and anxiety, greater motivation, resilience, improved relationships and a stronger sense of self.

Fear Decreases

As your inner fears and low self-esteem disappear and your confidence increases, you’ll find it easier to make positive changes and reach new goals.

Fear is no longer a factor that paralyzes you when it comes to taking action. 

This higher self-esteem will be reinforced every time you manage to overcome a goal, no matter how small.

You Become More Resilient

At the same time, you’ll also discover that mistakes are part of growth and success. Great things can happen when you put yourself out there.

Making mistakes only helps you improve yourself so you can do better next time. 

Stronger Relationships

Confident people also benefit from stronger relationships in their personal life, whether it’s with close friends or in a romantic relationship.

Since you free yourself from prejudices regarding what others think about you,  you can establish stronger connections with people around you.

Be Your Authentic Self

This lower tendency to prejudices also allows you to express your authentic YOU, making you feel more accepted and satisfied with your own personality.

Now that you know what the benefits of having self-confidence are, let’s take a look at the characteristics that define a confident woman.

Live a Happier Life

These benefits are also directly related to a fulfilling and happy life.

Being constantly worried and maintaining the tendency to blame yourself excessively for mistakes you’ve made (which are often only perceived mistakes) can lead you to anxiety and depression. 

However, taking small steps to work on a lack of confidence can help you break that tendency and develop a greater inner peace.

Signs of a Confident Woman: In her relationship with herself

If you’re wondering how to be a confident woman it all starts with how to treat yourself.

37 habits of a confident woman

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.”

Robert Holden, PhD.

1. She knows her strengths and weaknesses

A woman with high self-confidence knows that she has prepared herself to face different challenges in life, but she also knows when and how to ask for help when it’s necessary.

2. She knows what she wants

Instead of making decisions based on the opinions of others, she is clear about her direction and purpose in life – what makes her feel happy.

She takes her own path and doesn’t let others stand in her way.

3. She is proud to be unique

She knows, like every strong woman, that she is unique and unrepeatable.

Therefore, she is able to go against the crowd without feeling out of place.

4. She prioritizes her personal care

The confident woman looks after her own needs.

She knows that she needs some time to take care of herself and meet her personal needs without feeling guilty about it. This enables her to have the energy to be ready for action.

5. She gets out of her comfort zone

She also knows that incorporating changes in different areas of life makes it feel more meaningful, something that allows her to learn new skills.

She knows that hard work that may feel uncomfortable leads her to true confidence and continued self-love.

6. She works on her inner voice

She puts effort into having positive self-talk instead of negative.

When she does notice negative thoughts (as we all do) she works on why those negative thoughts appear and deals with the issue so she can have a supportive inner voice moving forward.

7. She stands up for herself

Not only does she stand up for herself if people cross a line and her boundaries, but she also stands up for her beliefs.

She’s an advocate for this and isn’t concerned about what others think.

8. She believes in herself

Her belief in herself makes it easier to achieve her goals, manifest her dreams, and increase her overall well-being (source).

This also means that when she makes a mistake or fails she looks at it as a learning opportunity to grow, so she can do better the next time around.

9. She prioritizes her goals and has many

A confident woman is an ambitious one. She wants to grow in all aspects of life – work, family, relationships, and personal growth and she does this by setting goals for herself.

She makes these goals a priority by breaking them out into smaller tasks so they are easily achievable over time.

10. She celebrates herself

She works hard in life and when she reaches a goal she loves to celebrate her wins. She deserves to acknowledge her success and growth and always makes a point of doing so.

11. She prioritizes mental health

Having low self-esteem and lack of confidence come alongside anxiety and depression, so supporting her mental health means practicing positive self-talk and other mental health supports such as therapy and self-care.

12. She’s good at making decisions

Because she believes in herself and trusts her intuition a confident woman is great at making decisions.

She also uses decision-making tools such as the 10-10-10 method when she needs to make a decision quickly.

Being Confident In her relationship with others

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“Sometimes you don’t see the millions of people who accept you for what you are. All you notice is the person who doesn’t.”

Jodi Picoult

13. She is not afraid to say YES or say NO

She knows how to communicate, how to listen, and say what she thinks and feels without coming into conflict with anyone.

Knowing how to use yes and no in a way that is consistent with what you think and feel is a key contributor to growing more confident.

14. She accepts when she is wrong

Being a strong, confident woman means you can see things in perspective.

You don’t feel scared to admit you’re wrong and doesn’t seek to hold anyone else responsible for her mistakes.

15. She likes to help others

She doesn’t shy away from helping others succeed in life.

Seeing other men and women succeed does not lower her self-esteem.

She knows there is lots of room in the world for others to be high performers and this is never a threat.

16. She knows when to put herself first

She knows her worth and also when to assert herself.

The confident woman doesn’t hesitate to claim what she knows is rightfully hers, and she isn’t willing to be second choice when she knows she is the best choice.

17. She surrounds herself with like-minded people

She knows that surrounding herself with positive, confident people builds her self-confidence even more.

It empowers her to keep reaching for her goals and to seek out new opportunities.

18. She’s open to feedback

She appreciates both negative and positive feedback as this allows her to become stronger, more successful and boosts her confidence even more in the long run.

She looks at critical feedback as constructive criticism and doesn’t focus on the negative.

19. She won’t stay in bad relationships

This includes everyone – bad relationships with a romantic partner, family member, or friends. Her confidence and belief in herself won’t let poor relationships impact her life.

20. She creates her own happiness

She knows that to find happiness with others the first step is to be happy with yourself.

She doesn’t rely on other people to make her feel happy – she is already content and happy with herself by living a life she loves.

21. She’s a leader, not a follower

She gets excited about taking the lead on projects at work, or plans with friends – and she’s good at it.

22. She doesn’t constantly apologize

Many women, especially in the work environment, constantly apologize when asking for things. This is such an issue as they’re saying sorry for taking up time or space when a man would never do this. 

So, a confident woman prides herself on asking for what she wants with no apologies required.

23. She shows her true self

She isn’t afraid to be her true self in front of others – quirks and all. She’s comfortable with her strengths and weaknesses and embraces them all with others.

Confidence & A Positive Life

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24. She never stops learning

The confident woman tries to be the best in her professional field, but she always keeps learning new things in other areas of her life.

This allows her to develop her full potential, professionally and personally.

25. She gets things done

The self-confident woman knows what she is passionate about and takes advantage of that to fuel herself and avoid procrastination.

That same passion helps further develop her self-confidence and empowers her to finish what she starts, allowing her to fulfill her potential and feel greater personal satisfaction.

26. She accepts what she cannot change and moves on

She knows that “life is change” and that everything has a beginning and an end. However, she avoids focusing on negative thoughts and feelings nor suffers unnecessarily for things that couldn’t be.

She knows how to be resilient and that every problem is an opportunity for growth.

27. She looks after herself

An independent, strong woman doesn’t follow the crowd or allow herself to be defined by her partner, family, friends, or society.

She knows how to make her own decisions, but she also knows how to seek and find solutions and is not afraid of being alone for a while.

In fact, she knows how to enjoy that solitude to redefine herself.

28. She has a positive attitude focused on success

A confident woman is not afraid of problems; she knows that the more problems she solves, the closer she gets to success.

This way of thinking allows her to be aware of any negative thoughts that may creep in and keep them at bay.

She makes mistakes, but she doesn’t punish herself as she knows that mistakes are part of life.

29. She’s a glass-half-full person

She chooses to look at the positive things in life and also puts a positive spin on bad things that happen.

This doesn’t mean she isn’t aware of bad things happening but in hard times she works hard to seek out the positive.

30. She’s not afraid of change

Not only is she not afraid of change, she embraces it. A confident woman looks at change as an opportunity to grow, and even if there are some growing pains she believes she can get through it stronger on the other side.

31. She is grateful

A confident woman sees things to be thankful for in life which provides her with a positive outlook.

She also intentionally looks for things to be grateful for every day – which includes her own positive traits.

Body Language of a Confident Woman

“I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence but it comes from within. It is there all the time.”

Anna Freud

32. She has great posture

Even though she may sometimes feel low on energy, as a woman who wants to convey power and security she tries to keep her back straight and her head up.

She knows this makes her look strong, and determined so she can make an impact.

33. She makes eye contact

Having excellent eye contact communicates a few important things to others:

  • She is interested in what others have to say
  • She’s a good listener
  • She is cares

34. She is clear and concise

We’ve all been there when we feel nervous – we tend to speak much quicker than normal. So, the confident woman is comfortable speaking clearly and slowly with significant pauses to make points clear.

Her communication skills are to the point. She shares her thoughts and doesn’t stumble on her words.

This is especially relevant when giving a presentation at work or in a job interview.

35. She leans in

When talking to others leaning in or leaning forward communicates your presence and interest.

Similar to having great eye contact, leaning forward shows you are taking the other person seriously.

The opposite to this would be looking disinterested which can sometimes portray being socially awkward.

36. She has a personal dress sense

Personal style and overall dress sense definitely impact how confident a woman looks, and feels.

Whether you’re someone who enjoys a more relaxed look or something more formal – feeling good in what you’re wearing is what it’s all about.

If you feel confident – you look confident.

Dressing the part can also increase your confidence in situations where you might feel social anxiety. Think of what you’re wearing as your own personal armour.

37. She gives a strong handshake

She shows her confidence by giving a firm handshake when meeting others. This illustrates her presence, whether it’s in an interview, or meeting new people.

Self Confidence Matters

If you aren’t comfortable in your own skin, this can have a negative impact on every area of your life…

  • Your mental health can be affected by negative self-talk and thought patterns
  • Not feeling comfortable in social gatherings, therefore preventing you from creating new relationships
  • Having a negative body image
  • Not stepping out of your comfort zone which prevents you from enjoying new experiences.

By starting with small things like practicing positive affirmations or using strategies to overcome self-criticism you will benefit in so many wonderful ways.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a self-confident woman has many ways of saying that she trusts herself.

She trusts that being confident (and working on confidence) enables her to:

  • Open the door to new experiences
  • Prioritize loving herself every day
  • Break through barriers that would have previously caused fear and withdrawal
  • Have stronger, more meaningful relationships
  • Feeling happiness and contentment
  • Create the life she truly loves

“Learn to embrace your own unique beauty, celebrate your unique gifts with confidence. Your imperfections are actually a gift.”

KerRy Washington

How many of these signs of confidence have you identified with?

Regardless of whether your answer is a lot or a few, the most important thing is that you take the next step and think about how you can support yourself to keep building your self-confidence.

Here are some confidence building resources to help:

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