1. Daily gratitude and journaling are my favorite mental health practices! Thanks for sharing this list of mental health goals!

  2. When setting your goals, it is SO important to understand WHY you are doing that goal and continuously remind yourself this to motivate yourself to push forward! Love that you included that in your steps. We are all looking to improve our mental health in some way. What an amazing post 🙂 Definitely sharing!!

  3. Kyra, that is an excellent list. Never thought about the vision board, or the google calendar to keep me moving toward a goal. I will take your suggestions to heart.

  4. Great article! Making a vision board has been absolutely key to reaching my goals, seeing the pictures reignites the fire!

    1. Thanks Samantha! I love vision boards. They really help you focus and see what the future can have in store 🙂

    2. Thanks 😊 Definitely make a vision board. It’s funny how something so simple can have a massive impact on your life.

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