SMART Goals Template & Worksheet (Free Printable PDF)

I created this SMART goal template and worksheet to help you with setting goals and more importantly being successful in reaching your goals.

SMART Goals Template and Worksheet - PDF

SMART goals are used in all aspects of life.

When I worked on in the corporate world companies used a SMART goals template every quarter across huge organizations. Every department would create SMART goals that laddered up to the organization’s biggest goals for the year.

Of course, using SMART goals is something you can do in every aspect of life. 

Apart from career, you can use this practice to set:

  • Short-term goals and long-term goals
  • Goals for creating good habits in your personal life
  • Goals to improve life skills such as finances or health goals
  • Specific goals for school or college
  • Personal goals in your relationship

To access the free SMART goals worksheet, add your details to the form below. Then come back to this section for some helpful tips to help you complete your worksheet.

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What The Free SMART Goals Printable Includes…

Page 1. SMART Goal Setting

Detailed overview of what SMART goals are – with definitions plus questions to guide you.

Page 2. Make Your Goals SMART: Template

A colorful template for you to write your own SMART goals.

To start you write a high-level goal statement – a goal you’d like to accomplish.

Then you’ll use the worksheet to work through each step to make your goal more specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

Page 3. SMART Goals Example

The example walks through making the goal ‘create a healthy morning routine’ SMART.

By following the process in the example you can apply it to any goal in your life – big or small.


What Are SMART Goals?

SMART is an acronym that stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

  • Specific: Be as specific as possible on your goal. What actions will you take?
  • Measureable: How will you know you’ve succeeded? 
  • Achievable: Make sure it’s not a big stretch to achieve. You want your goal to be attainable.
  • Relevant: Does this goal align with your overall goals and values?
  • Time-Bound: How long will it take for you to achieve this goal? Set a target date.

What are the Benefits of Using SMART Goals?

Using a SMART goals template will help you use concise language to turn unattainable goals into achievable goals, which provides you with a greater opportunity to succeed in reaching your chosen goal.

You see, if your goals aren’t detailed or specific enough, how will you know once you’ve met or exceeded your goal?

If you create goals that are almost impossible to reach, you will become less confident and have a harder time reaching goals in general. 

When you have no sense of urgency with loose timelines how will you prioritize your goal?

Using SMART goals literally gives you the capability to set goals and achieve them, time and time again!

Once the SMART Goal Sheet is Complete, Then What?

Once you’ve made your goal or goals SMART I recommend you create a list of action items you can take (big and small) to start making a plan to make your goal happen by the end of the year (or whatever your planned finish date is).

If you use the example I’ve detailed in my S.M.A.R.T. goals template – to create a healthy morning routine), action items might include:

  • Getting to bed by 9:30 PM to create more time for the morning
  • Starting your morning with a 15-minute walk before you have any caffeine
  • Dedicating 15 minutes to self-care every morning either with meditation or journaling

These are just a few sample action items that could work for a goal focused on a healthy morning routine – but the important thing is for you to create your own action list (tactics) you plan to do, to reach your goal!

Next Steps:

If you haven’t already, DOWNLOAD the SMART goal-setting printable worksheets below.

Then I’d love you to share in the comments what your goal is – so you can keep yourself accountable and inspire others to do the same!


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