100 New Year Affirmations for a Happy and Successful 2024

Positive New Year affirmations are a great way to focus on a positive mindset and start the year off fresh.

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So to kick off 2024 I have affirmations you can use to increase happiness, focus on success, and generally support your growth and well-being.

Before we get into our positive affirmations for the New Year, let’s talk a little about what affirmations are plus the benefits…

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that we affirm about ourselves. These little phrases are a powerful tool to feel better about yourself and your situation.

They can be beliefs or thoughts that you repeat to yourself on a regular basis (ideally daily).

How Can Affirmations Be Helpful in the New Year?

Affirmations can be helpful whenever there are new beginnings so starting an affirmation practice in the new year is perfect timing.

Using affirmations can help you reset so you can move forward with positive intentions in all areas of life. They are also perfect to help you stick to New Year’s resolutions.

Affirmations can help us:

  • Rethink a situation
  • Decrease negative thoughts and build up positive thinking
  • Form new habits
  • Increase confidence
  • Have a positive attitude about life
  • See what we have to be grateful for
  • Reach our goals
  • Have a sense of purpose

All in all, affirmations provide a little extra support in a variety of situations and the best part is that you have full control over this support, as you create this yourself.

Let’s get into this big list of affirmations, which I have categorized by:

  • Affirmations to start the year off right
  • New Year affirmations for self-love
  • Positive affirmations for New Year success
  • New Year affirmations for happiness

100 New Year Affirmations To Start The Year Off Right

100 positive new year affirmations for happiness and success
  1. This is my year to shine
  2. This year I am in control of my destiny
  3. I am focusing on positivity as I start a new beginning
  4. I am excited to make a fresh start this year
  5. I am open to new possibilities
  6. This year I am embracing change, even when it seems difficult
  7. I am open to new experiences
  8. Good things are coming my way
  9. With this new year comes a fresh perspective on life
  10. This year I see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow from
  11. Every day I will seek out positive interactions
  12. I trust my intuition to make the right choices
  13. I am leaving my past doubts behind and moving forward with confidence
  14. With each day this year I am growing into the person I want to be
  15. Every day this year I am looking for things to be grateful for
  16. With each new day brings positive change
  17. I am grateful for what the past year has taught me, so I can grow in the year ahead
  18. It’s going to be a wonderful year that I will fully embrace each day
  19. I am open to new opportunities in my life
  20. This year I am creating my dream life
  21. I will start each day with positive thoughts
  22. I am approaching everything with a more positive mindset this year
  23. I am letting go of worry and trusting my intuition
  24. I will live life to the fullest each and every day
  25. This year each breath I take represents positive energy

New Year Affirmations for Self-Love

  1. I am making myself a priority this year
  2. This is the year of ME!
  3. I am setting new boundaries this year that will help me find time for myself
  4. I trust myself to make good choices
  5. I am being my true self today and all year long
  6. I will take good care of myself this year
  7. I am worthy of love, kindness and respect
  8. This is the perfect time to love myself more every single day
  9. I am proud of who I am
  10. I am beautiful inside and out
  11. My struggles represent my strength
  12. I will follow my heart
  13. I have the strength and energy to handle everything on my plate
  14. My feelings of guilt are dissipating
  15. I am strong, smart and confident
  16. I am learning to accept help
  17. This year I will let go of what’s out of my control and focus on what I can change
  18. I am creating a positive work-life balance
  19. I love myself today and every day
  20. Today I will listen to and support what I need – both physically and emotionally
  21. I love who I am and what I stand for
  22. I trust myself to make good choices
  23. I will give love and support to myself
  24. I am standing up for myself today
  25. I am looking for different ways to create inner peace

Positive Affirmations for New Year Success

  1. It is already a successful New Year
  2. Today I will take the first step
  3. This daily routine is helping me reach new goals
  4. This year I will achieve anything I set my mind to
  5. My abilities are constantly expanding and evolving
  6. I am proud of all I will accomplish in the year ahead
  7. I am worthy of success and respect
  8. This year I will take risks and step outside my comfort zone
  9. I see how far I have come and I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it.
  10. I have an open mind to new experiences
  11. I feel great about how far I have come
  12. This year I will achieve my biggest goal with a solid action plan 
  13. Today I will take one small step towards something I know is difficult but will help me reach my goals
  14. I can do anything I set my mind to
  15. I will set goals that produce positive results
  16. I am on the right track toward reaching my goals
  17. This upcoming year will bring me success
  18. My daily tasks are helping me reach my goals one step at a time
  19. I am capable of doing hard things
  20. I am proud of my strengths and will work on my weaknesses
  21. I am motivated by accountability and hard work
  22. I am focused and will reach my goals this year
  23. I can achieve anything I set my mind to
  24. I am successful, my thoughts, feelings, and actions support this
  25. I have the skills and abilities to be successful in my career

Inspiring Affirmations for Happiness in the New Year

  1. I have so much in life to be grateful for
  2. I love myself and will find ways to prioritize my happiness
  3. My happiness comes from within
  4. I am in control of my happiness each and every day
  5. I won’t let anything get in the way of my peace and happiness
  6. There is so much good in this world and it’s up to me to see it
  7. Today I choose positivity
  8. My daily life brings me joy and happiness
  9. This is a great year for love and happiness
  10. I find happiness in the little things
  11. I taking control of my life
  12. I am resisting old bad habits that no longer serve me – and I’m finding new good habits to replace them
  13. I am letting go of my fear of failure and taking a step forward
  14. The start of each day brings an opportunity for contentment and joy
  15. Today I am seeking out things to be happy for
  16. I will experience contentment in the present moment
  17. This year I’m welcoming happiness with open arms
  18. I deserve peace, love, and happiness, and am creating this in my life
  19. I choose happiness every day
  20. Good things will happen for me today
  21. I am worthy of happiness
  22. I look for happiness even in tough times
  23. Today I choose to see the good in everyone
  24. I am surrounded by people who love me
  25. Each day I awake is a blessing

New Year Affirmations: Next Steps

I hope you felt as inspired reading these affirmations as I did while writing them.

As a next step…

  • Think about what area of your life you’d like to focus on in the new year
  • Choose one or two affirmations from this list and use them daily
  • You can write them in a journal, say the affirmations out loud in the mirror, and even set up reminders in your phone with your affirmation as the task

I’d also love to know…

What’s your favorite New Year affirmation?

Share in the comments below 🙂

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