130 Gratitude Affirmations To Cultivate Happiness

If you’re looking for some new ways to practice gratitude, gratitude affirmations are a simple tool you can use daily to help you see the beauty that life has to offer.

This big list of gratitude affirmations will help you see the positive things in your life today and everyday moving forward.

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What Are Gratitude Affirmations?

Gratitude affirmations are positive statements that you repeat regularly to stay positive. 

Like positive affirmations, using affirmations for gratitude can help you focus on positive thinking and push intrusive, negative thoughts away.

Using gratitude affirmations as part of your daily routine is good to:

  • Remind yourself what you’re thankful for
  • Support your mental health when you’re going through challenging times
  • Help you see the positive aspects of your life
  • Practice appreciating the little things 

The Benefits Of Practicing Gratitude Every Day

Several studies over recent years have found that people who practice gratitude are often happier.

In this study, after 10 weeks, those who wrote about gratitude were more optimistic and felt better about their lives

In addition to increasing happiness the practice of gratitude has been shown to:

  • Increase self-esteem
  • Enhance positive emotions
  • Improve psychological well-being
  • Improve relationships 
  • Make us more optimistic
  • And so much more


Personally, practicing gratitude every day has changed my entire outlook on life. Due to mindfully being grateful every single day I feel a fullness in my heart that I didn’t experience in the past.

Gratitude has literally changed my life. 

How to Use These Gratitude Affirmations

There are so many ways you can use gratitude affirmations in your life. Here are some of my favourite…

  • Write them in your journal
  • Choose a new affirmation for each day of the week, then write it on a post-it note to keep by your desk
  • Choose 3 affirmations to focus on each day and say them out loud to yourself
  • Set up automated reminders on your phone so you get notified with an affirmation or multiple affirmations throughout the day
  • Get creative and draw or write an affirmation in your bullet journal

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130 Gratitude Affirmations To Cultivate Happiness

130 Positive Gratitude Affirmations, For A Better Life

Below you’ll have the following gratitude affirmations:

Simply click on the category below to find the affirmations that resonate most with you.

Powerful Gratitude Affirmations

  1. My home provides safety, comfort and support.
  1. I am thankful to live in a part of the world with changing seasons – the fresh spring days, warm summer nights, crisp and sunny autumn and the kiss of wet snowflakes.
  1. My positive attitude has a powerful impact on others around me.
  1. Having an attitude of gratitude every day will help me live the life of my dreams.
  1. I will not allow past experiences to taint my appreciation for what I have today.
  1. I am thankful for the support of others when I need them most.
  1. I am taking small steps toward my goal of inner peace, positive thoughts and a daily sense of gratitude.
  1. I am thankful for the love in my life – the love of my partner, my family members and close friends.
  1. Having a grateful spirit allows me to appreciate even more things in life.
  1. My purpose is to have a grateful heart in all that I do.
  1. Even when times get tough, I look for little things to appreciate, whether it’s the cheeky laugh of my child, the sunshine that seeps through my window early in the morning or the daily walk I take with my dog.
  1. I am appreciative of where my life has led me. I can see that not everything has gone my way, but I am grateful that I have learned to take a new path forward.
  1. Being grateful is making a positive impact on my life and the lives of those I love.
  1. I am becoming the best version of myself, for myself.
  1. When change in my life happens I am seeking out positive opportunities I can take.
  1. I am thankful for the challenges I’ve overcome, making me stronger and wiser.
  1. Gratitude has allowed me to let go of things I can’t control and embrace things I can.
  1. I choose to focus on the positive, even when it feels challenging.
  1. I do not fear what could go wrong, but am thankful to see what will go right.
  1. I do not fail but learn from my mistakes along the way.

I am Grateful Affirmations

  1. I am grateful for the clean water in my home, the roof over my head, and living in a peaceful, safe place.
  1. I am grateful for laughing with my friends today.
  1. I am grateful for the people who support me in all that I do (think of or list the individuals who have your back today).
  1. I am grateful for the job I have, allowing me to support my family and do what I love.
I am gratitude affirmation
  1. I am grateful for how far I’ve come, for the hard times I’ve endured and for what I’ve learned along the way.
  1. I am grateful and blessed to have happy memories I can focus on in good times and bad.
  1. I am grateful for experiencing all kinds of love in my life – crazy passionate love, the love and support of ever-caring parents and the solid love of a partner who always stands by my side.
  1. I am grateful for all of my human emotions – grateful that I can experience sadness, happiness, excitement, curiosity, unconditional love and  
  1. I am grateful for the freedom to speak my mind and stand up for what I believe in.
  1. I am grateful for my physical health giving me the ability to do anything I want to do.
  1. I am grateful for the simplistic beauty in my life and for all that mother earth provides.
  1. I am grateful my fridge is full of healthy food.
  1. I am grateful for the beautiful connections I have with so many people.
  1. I am truly grateful for the strong, confident women in my life. Women who empowered me to stand tall in all that I do.
  1. I am grateful for the experiences that have made me who I am.
  1. I am grateful for the ability to make my dreams come true.
  1. I am grateful to have hope for the future.
  1. I am grateful for my journey.
  1. I am grateful for the imperfect beauty in my day-to-day life.
  1. I am grateful for my perseverance to move forward.

Daily Gratitude Affirmations

  1. I will seek out new ways to express gratitude today.
  1. The simple joys in life are abundant and I am surrounded by these small blessings.
  1. I can experience gratitude during every moment of my day and my job is to actively recognize it.
  1. Today I will have a grateful heart and focus on the wonderful things in my life.
  1. Hard work and resilience help me see the good in life today and every day.
  1. I have a deep appreciation for the life I have lived. I am proud of who I am and what I stand for.
  1. Today I will seek out positive people to spend time with – allowing me to focus on my gratitude practice easier.
  1. I appreciate the hard work and dedication that people around me make – to make my life easier.
  1. Today I will show gratitude to my family members and loved ones.
  1. Every day I am getting stronger and more focused. I am grateful for this gratitude journey.
  1. I am making positive changes in my life that create opportunities for gratitude and happiness.
  1. Today I am filled with joy, gratitude, and contentment.
  1. Today I am getting closer to reaching my goals.
  1. Being grateful is a powerful tool I can use at any time.
  1. Today I will focus on having a positive inner dialogue.
  1. I am creating happiness in my life today.
  1. Today I choose to move forward – with kindness, with love, with gratitude.
  1. I see the goodness in everyone around me.
  1. I am attracting positive experiences every day.
  1. I am proud of all I will accomplish today.

Morning Gratitude Affirmations

morning gratitude affirmation
  1. This new day is here to remind me that life is worth living to the fullest.
  1. The song of birds in the morning brings me inner peace and happiness.
  1. Today I will look for the silver lining in things that don’t go my way
  1. I am grateful for my morning routine, which allows me to cherish myself and my needs.
  1. In this present moment, I am grateful for the peaceful life I am creating for myself. A life of gratitude, appreciation and the love of small things that bring me joy.
  1. Today I will take a deep breath when I feel stress coming on and turn my focus to positive experiences in my life.
  1. I see that the power of gratitude is creating a meaningful life for me.
  1. I am starting my day with a feeling of gratefulness in all that I do.
  1. The start of the day creates new experiences, new wonders, and new blessings.
  1. The silence each morning presents shows me how to be grateful in the simplest sense of the word.
  1. I am grateful for a good night’s sleep.
  1. I am thankful to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives around me.
  1. I am content and grateful for all that I have experienced today.
  1. Gratitude is something I choose on a daily basis.
  1. Being grateful today means I’ll have happiness in my heart tomorrow.
  1. I have grateful thoughts in this moment.
  1. I am open to new experiences.
  1. Possibilities are open to me.
  1. I am excited for what today brings.
  1. I see positivity in the simplicity of each day.

Gratitude Affirmations For Night Time

  1. I had a bad day, but I can still be grateful for what I learned.
  1. My loving family shows me gratitude in ways I haven’t noticed before. Continue to focus on this appreciation every day.
  1. Great things happened to me today (list everything that went well today)
  1. As I lay my head down, I am grateful for the sleep I will get tonight.
  1. I am proud of the positivity I put into the world today.
  1. I am blessed to have found the good in a tough situation today.
  1. I am grateful to be surrounded by my loved ones today.
  1. Today I am grateful for the quality time I spent with myself.
  1. Today I stood by my decisions allowing me to feel empowered and strong. For that I am grateful.
  1. Today I created abundance in my life, all thanks to practicing gratitude.
  1. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone for which I am so proud and grateful.
gratitude affirmations about life's simple pleasures
  1. I am grateful for the presence of life’s simple pleasures that surrounded me today.
  1. I am grateful for the constructive feedback I received today.
  1. I am deeply appreciative of the things I achieved today.
  1. Today I appreciate the ways my family made me smile.
  1. I am proud to have created moments of laughter with those I love.
  1. I am blessed to connect with new people and learn from them.
  1. I am grateful to have trusted my intuition to make good choices.
  1. My day was filled with many wonderful moments.
  1. Today was a good day.

Short Gratitude Affirmations

  1. My heart is full of gratitude.
  1. I am creating positive energy in all that I do.
  1. My daily life has meaning and for that, I am truly grateful.
  1. My feelings of gratitude grow stronger every day.
  1. I have a thankful heart and mind.
  1. My gratitude is abundant in all aspects of life.
  1. I embrace new opportunities that come my way.
  1. I appreciate all that I have, big and small.
  1. I am showing my gratitude by giving back to others.
  1. Gratitude allows me to invite joy into my heart.
  1. I am grateful for the gifts in my life.
  1. I am surrounded by love and support.
  1. Good things are present in my life today.
  1. Today I am living in a state of gratitude.
  1. I will have peace in my heart today.
  1. I am grateful for my accomplishments.
  1. Showing gratitude to others gives me inner peace.
  1. Gratitude allows me to be a glass-half-full person.
  1. I am embracing change.
  1. I see the beauty that surrounds me every day.

Gratitude Affirmations For Self-Love

  1. I am making peace with my past mistakes and for this I am grateful.
  1. With each act of self-love my gratitude evolves.
  1. I am thankful to have a body that takes me where I want to go.
  1. I am blessed to recognize my worth, power and strength.
  1. I will show love and kindness to myself and others today.
  1. I give myself permission to love myself always.
  1. I am grateful to see my strengths and to learn from my weaknesses.
  1. I am in a better place today because I worked hard to get here.
  1. I am grateful for what my body gives me.
  1. I love and appreciate myself as I am today.

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From this list of affirmations, what’s your favourite?

Share in the comments section below 🙂

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