1. So many good points but I love the taking time to unwind and practice self care, super important to recognise that you need this.

    1. Hi Stephanie! Downtime is SO important for us to be happy and thrive. Glad you are prioritizing looking after yourself xo

  2. I need to remember to treat myself. I’m on the go the whole day and sometimes there is no time for breaks! But I do know that self care is important. I like your idea of setting a timer – I think that will help with time management.

  3. I’m totally with you on the point about identifying where our time is going! Phone distractions are a big one for me; I use the Digital Wellbeing app on my Android that lets me put timers on apps. I use that to limit time on Facebook and Instagram. I also use the Forest App which shuts off all access to the phone for a set period of time.

  4. I have only just found what I am passionate about in the last year! It is so different when you are actually doing something you love!

    1. Kelly, that’s fantastic! Having a purpose for your life + focusing on it really makes all the difference. 🙂

  5. Although this is a topic that should be easy to do, sadly it’s not… and so many people are living less than their best because of UNintential living. Great nuggets here! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. It’s sad that it’s true, Michelle. That’s why I try to spread the word about intentional living. <3

  6. I love that quote to not let others decide for you!
    I also agree about the hustle mindset. It’s good to switch up tasks and give your mind a break.

    1. I love the quote as well, Courtney! Yes, the hustle mindset can be dangerous–it’s best to keep an eye on how it affects you!

  7. Finding out where you are wasting your time is a must. This needs to be figured in order for anyone to live happy and healthy.

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