1. I love this! The going out without my phone scares me a little but I think that’s an indication I need to do it. I’m also learning the art of saying no to engagements and people that really aren’t fulfilling, it’s truly liberating. I recently started listening to the audiobook “168 Hours” and in it the author makes a good point: it’s not we don’t have the time, we have to prioritize and make the time. If we keep saying we can’t find the time to do something we love perhaps we need to confront the truth that it’s just not that important to us.

    1. Hey Sabrina! Thanks so much! That sure is a thought-provoking quote from ‘168 Hours’ and so true! Once you get into the habit of saying no it makes such a dramatic difference to your life, especially if you are normally a yes person to everything.

  2. I loved the TED talk on monotasking. I’ve definitely found that it’s hard for me to multitask, and the talk really helped me understand why. Thank you!

  3. Oh man! So many good ones! I really struggle with the TV because it’s one of my favorite things, but it doesn’t help me with productivity or getting things done on time/early AT ALL. Ugh. lol

  4. Great Tips! I find that blocking time helps me the most.

  5. I agree with all of these things. I especially agree with using your phone less. Everyone is always using their phone nowadays. To get things done you need to put your phone away.

  6. I love these suggestions! I actually keep my phone on silent and it helps me to not feel like I have to check my phone every time it makes a noise.

    1. I do the same!! It means I can check it when I want, not the other way around ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. It’s incredible just how much time we can spend on our smartphones and not even realise it! Great post!

    1. Oh I know – it’s scary. I try and remind myself what I did in my free time before smartphones and this makes me realize just how important it is to be more mindful.

  8. I need to do better about using my phone less. It’s hard sometimes, especially when my kids are at school or if my fiance is texting me lol Cause then I am always on my phone checking other notifications.

    1. Turn those notifications off!!! Okay – you don’t have to turn them all off, but definitely go through and turn off the ones you really don’t need ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I spend WAY too much time on my phone, some days I like to leave it at home or in the car simply so I can use my time more effectively without distractions!

    1. We definitely think about our phones in the same way. I honestly like to go out without it. I also never check it in the evenings.

  10. I have an app that tells you how much you spend on it each day. It also tells you if there is an increase from day to day. For example, if you spent 4 hours and 30 minutes on your phone on Wednesday and you spent 7 hours on your phone on Thursday, it would show that + a notification saying an increase of 2 hours 30 minutes. I think the app could be useful if you spend your time on your phone a lot! Learning to no is an important one!

    1. I need to find this app! That would really be interesting to see your own personal habits. A real eye opener for sure!

  11. Stephanie says:

    These are excellent tips. I’ll admit, I’m not great at turning off my phone while I work – especially since so much of my work is ON my phone, but I gotta work on it for sure!

    1. The great thing is, you can actually do most of your work form your laptop – even Instagram ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s just about changing some habits!

  12. I am struggling with time management right now so this was a perfect post to read. I keep the TV off unless it is a special show in the evening. (No DVR so I watch live.) Staying off the phone is hard — but I’m working on that too! I keep a daily “to do” list and try to prioritize the most important things to do first each day.

  13. Thank you for dropping the link of the “Ted Talk”. Never heard of “monotasking” before. The other tips sound so do-able, especially keeping the phone switched off.

    1. I love all things TED talk! Always interesting info.

  14. This is a great post! I am going to join everyone else in saying, I definitely need to spend less time on my phone! I do find myself scrolling on social media when I’m bored – or putting off a more important task that I’m dreading. The other tips you mention are fantastic as well. I never realized multi-tasking can actually hinder your productivity so much! Thank you for this post!

    1. Yeah, it’s kind of scary if you add up how much time you spend in a day ‘killing time’! We don’t realize it, but we all do it! Yeah, multi-tasking is something our brains won’t even allow us to do. Try setting a timer and completing a task at a time and you’ll get way more accomplished ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. What an awesome post! I find that saying ‘no’ gives you permission to say your best yes! Often, there’s someone better and more equipped to say yes than you, and by saying ‘no’ you give them the opportunity!

    1. For sure! Saying no can be so empowering and good for you. I like your perspective on giving someone else the opportunity too. Good thinking!

  16. Great tips. I pinned and shared with my followers. I tell people all the time that you have to give yourself permission to say โ€œnoโ€. Normally, the person you say no to, is going to be ok with it, even more than you.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Nakeya ๐Ÿ™‚ So true – most of the time when you say no, people are fine with it. I feel like we are giving ourselves pressure to say yes when we don’t need to be.

  17. Great tips! I love turning the tv off and have music playing in the background, I feel way more productive this way.

    1. Absolutely! I grew up in a house where my mom always had music playing. It makes you feel good and can actually help you be more productive too!

  18. Yes! You are exactly right! I take regular breaks from social media, and it has made me more focused and productive. I was wasting too much time on my phone. ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ

    1. Sounds like you are using your time mindfully which is so important. Our phones certainly can be a time suck!

  19. Getting an app to see how much time you spend on each app could be a real huge eye opener too! Great post.

    1. I know! I’m going to look for this. It might be quite a scary number for some!!

  20. Iโ€™m notorious for multitasking and saying yes to everything. Sometimes I just need to step back and gain perspective to make me realize whatโ€™s actually important and needs to be done, versus what I do just to make others happy or to say that Iโ€™m juggling multiple projects.

    1. Yeah, this is certainly a challenge. One method I use to stop my multitasking is by setting a timer for 15 to 30 minutes (or longer if needed) and complete a task at a time. Give it a try for a few days. I bet it will make you feel really accomplished! As for saying yes – this can be hard. I would say this… try and think about WHO you are saying yes to. Are they there for you as well? If the answer is no, you might want to change who you are saying yes to. Also, don’t forget to say yes to yourself – that means you’ll have to say no to others!

  21. Oh, wow! Your scrolling statistic totally applies to me! I feel so much better when I put my phone away and spend time talking with my children or in nature. I need to remember this!

    1. Yeah, that number is kind of crazy but still believable. It’s good for us all to know so we can be mindful. Spending time with your kids in nature sounds way better!

  22. Great tips! I often turn my phone to silent for blocks of time and turn it upside down so I can’t see the notifications pop up. I get so much more done. It shocked my kids who are used to constant contact, but I said call the house phone if there is a true emergency, otherwise, I need to be “at work”.

    1. I love your thinking. I do this too – and I agree… if there’s an emergency call the house!

  23. You know I needed to read this! I have been non stop these past two months and I NEED to take time for myself! Easier said than done right!

    1. Oh I hope you get to make time for yourself Megan. It’s SO important. Try putting a block of time in the calendar for YOU and don’t allow yourself to skip it. It might feel foreign at first, but force yourself. It will feel good!!

  24. Stop multi-tasking!! Seems so backwards when you’re talking about finding time to do more, but it’s so true!!

    1. 100%. For some reason years ago we all starting to believe that multi-tasking was a good quality to have. Well, that is so wrong!

  25. It is so easy to get caught up on your phone, especially if you’re on social media!

  26. I definitely need to get better at setting certain times for media!

    1. Yes, I think most people do! I say we should all try a media free weekend!

  27. This is all so true !! I really need to stop using my phone so much, I know I donโ€™t need to have it on me as often as I do.

    1. It’s definitely a habit to have it with us all the time, so try in baby steps to leave it in a different room, or go out for 15 minutes without it. You might feel like you lost your arm at first, but I promise it will start to feel natural and worth it!!

  28. Yes to all of this! We get so busy doing things that don’t matter that we never have time for the stuff that does. I definitely agree with all of these, especially the final one. We’ve been much more productive as a family since we cut the satellite tv. We still watch a little bit, but not nearly like we did before.

    1. Hey Lisa! That’s a good idea to cut the satellite. Glad to hear that it gives you more quality time ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. These are all such good points! Especially the saying. I part. Sometimes we think saying no is a bad thing, but sometimes we need to say no to have time for ourselves!

    1. Definitely! Some people in our lives will always ask for help but never give it. Once we know who these people are then we can start saying no to them so we can start saying yes to ourselves and our family.

  30. All great tips. I usually always have my phone on me just in case – but I don’t really use it that much. I just never got into the habit, and I’d rather read than watch most TV. But it still seems like there’s not enough time in the day sometimes!


    1. Sounds like you have good balance ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree still, there are times we are so (truly) busy that it’s exhausting. That’s when we need to dedicate time (i.e. put it in the calendar) and force ourselves to find a way to do the things we like.

  31. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of putting down our phones. We waste so much time mindlessly scrolling through nothing! Also, you are right about letting go of guilt! As moms, we are always taking care of others. We must take care of ourselves as well.

    1. Hi Colleen! Glad this was helpful for you to read ๐Ÿ™‚ I think we can all be guilty of mindless scrolling!

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