121 Simple Things That Make Me Happy: The Ultimate List

There are so many reasons to make a things that make me happy list. Firstly, it gives you the opportunity to reflect on the positive little things in your life that bring you joy, but also to give you a mood boost when you might need it.

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Today I’m sharing a big list of things that make me happy and my hope is that you’ll find inspiration to write your own happy things list.

Before I share my list, make sure to drop a few things that make you happy in the comments section below – to inspire others.

Why Create a Happy Things List?

Intentionally seeking out things to be happy for completely transforms your life – even if you’re going through challenging times. 

You see, as the saying goes, you can either be a glass-half-empty person or a glass-half-full person.

The best part is you can choose to become a glass-half-full person if you aren’t already, and the best way to get started with this is by practicing gratitude. 

Creating a happy things list is good for:

  • Your mental health. This list is a reminder of all the good things in life that make you feel happy and content.
  • Becoming a happier person overall. This practice helps you change the way you look at the world and actually trains your brain to seek out things to be happy for.
  • Helping you practice being present in the moment.
  • Getting in the habit of positive thinking
  • Having a grateful heart by seeing the little things that make a positive impact in your life.

This leads me to the happy things list – a great way to start seeing all of the things in your life to be grateful for.

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121 Things That Make Me Happy

121 things that make me happy - that might inspire you too.

I’m sharing my own list of things that make me happy, which will hopefully inspire you to write your own. Perhaps you and I will be happy and grateful for similar things!

Let’s get into it.

  1. Birds chirping in the spring
  2. The smell of freshly cut grass
  3. Cuddles with my big lug of a dog
  4. My bedtime routine
  5. Early mornings with a perfect cup of tea
  6. Slow Saturday mornings with my hubby
  7. The feeling of a productive, accomplished day
  8. Shopping at local fruit & veg markets
  9. Walking my dog and chatting with other pet parents (and their fur babies)
  10. Phone chats with my best friend
  11. Fresh flowers in my home
  12. Starting my garden in the spring – and tending to it all summer
  13. Travelling to new and exciting places
  14. Daily banter and chats with my son
  15. Having my morning cup of tea outside
  16. Essential oils – especially mood-boosting oils such as lavender, orange and peppermint
  17. Being outside in any kind of weather – so good to clear my mind and help me relax
  18. Listening to nostalgic music from my teens and early twenties
  19. Evenings with old friends, catching up on our lives and being grateful for every moment
  20. Quality time with my parents
  21. Making connections with strangers
  22. Hiking in the spring, summer & fall
  23. Being self-employed
  24. Writing in my self-love journal
  25. Kitchen dance parties with myself or others
  26. Driving at night in the summer with all the windows down
  27. Roasting marshmallows over a bonfire
  28. Visiting wineries
  29. Reminiscing with my husband about past shared memories
  30. A relaxing massage
  31. Family time with my sister, niece & nephew
  32. Ice cream on a hot summer night
  33. Looking at old photos
  34. Homemade soup
  35. Completing my daily to-do list
  36. Appreciating the simple pleasures in life (like the things in this list!)
  37. Reading a good book
  38. Fresh air first thing in the morning
  39. Going on a long walk and taking everything in around me
  40. Friday afternoons
  41. Cooking a new recipe that turns out amazing
  42. Blasting your favorite song in your car as you sign your heart out
  43. A long hot bath with relaxing essential oils
  44. Family traditions
  45. A freshly made bed with crisp sheets
  46. Having a good night’s sleep
  47. A clean house
  48. Family dinners
  49. Flowering spring trees 
  50. Connecting with someone on a deeper level
  51. Reaching an important goal
  52. Writing a bucket list
  53. Someone saying I Love You
  54. Sitting on a front porch watching people go by
  55. Going on a road trip with people you love
  56. Laughing out loud
  57. Date night
  58. Swimming in the sea
  59. Walking barefoot on the beach
  60. Seeing childhood friends
  61. Exploring new cities and countries
  62. Holding hands with my husband
  63. Chocolate!
  64. Live concerts
  65. Picking fruit (berries, apples, pears)
  66. Birthdays
  67. Anniversaries
  68. Chatting with my sister
  69. Brilliant colour of fall leaves
  70. Apple pie
  71. Weekend brunch
  72. High tea
  73. Board game night
  74. Camping
  75. Long summer nights
  76. Art galleries
  77. Learning something new
  78. Windchimes
  79. A gorgeous red sky at night
  80. Everything about my pup – he’s my heart, my therapy, and best friend
  81. Making a new friend
  82. Cute and colourful mugs
  83. Writing in my gratitude journal
  84. Singing out loud in the car
  85. A day of healthy eating
  86. Vegetable gardens
  87. Perennials blooming in the spring
  88. Snuggles with my niece & nephew
  89. Taking a long hot shower in the winter
  90. Taking a cold shower in the summer
  91. Publishing a new blog post
  92. Feeling confident
  93. A self-care day
  94. Taking a long bike ride
  95. Dreaming about the future with my husband
  96. The perfect glass of red wine
  97. 80’s and 90’s music
  98. A cold Greek frappe
  99. Visiting my husband’s family in Greece
  100. Being vegan
  101. Watching kids make sand castles
  102. Christmas morning
  103. Watching the sunset by the lake
  104. Cozy pajamas
  105. Being a kid at heart
  106. Looking for the good side of things
  107. The first snowfall of the year
  108. Colourful pens
  109. Working from home
  110. Looking forward to something (an event, trip, special occasions)
  111. Taking a gratitude walk
  112. Long-lasting friendships
  113. Being financially secure
  114. Decluttering a space
  115. Treating myself to something small (new lipstick, book, a delicious latte)
  116. Canoeing
  117. Watching birds eat from my bird feeder
  118. Laughing with my Dad
  119. Laughing with my Mom
  120. Playing Scattergories with my son
  121. A new season of my favourite TV shows

How To Write Your Own Happy List

woman writing her happy things list in a notebook

Firstly, there are no rules with this list. You can write it all at once or gradually over time, but here are a few tips on how to get started…

1. Think about what makes you happy in various areas of life

Things like family, health, career, personal time, nature, art, hobbies, spirituality, relationships – and so much more.

When you think about what makes you happy in these different areas it becomes a lot easier to think of ideas.

2. Don’t forget to think of the small things

Of course, big things can make us happy like vacations or important milestones but these events don’t happen every day so it’s just as important to focus on the little moments that bring joy on a day-to-day basis. 

3. Keep writing & never stop

Your happy list doesn’t ever have to end – you can keep adding to it whenever you experience a happy moment you want to remember.

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How To Use Your Things That Make You Happy List

You’ve written your list – fantastic! Now, here are some easy ways you can use your things that make me happy list:

  • In your daily routine. Look at your list to see what things you can add to your daily routine.
  • Read when you’re having a bad day. You’ll find that it will give you the pick-me-up you need when going through tough times.
  • Read on New Year’s Eve as a reminder of all of the wonderful things you’ve had in your life over the past year.
  • Share some of your happy things with people close to you – especially if they made the list!

Having a Hard Time Writing Your List?

If you’re having a tough time thinking of things that make you happy, I understand. I’ve been there and it could be a sign of depression.

One of the signs of depression is no longer being interested or finding joy in the things you used to. If you’re experiencing this I recommend speaking with your family doctor.

You can also try therapy right in the comfort of your own home with a service like BetterHelp. Some info below…

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What simple things make you happy?

Share a few positive things that bring you true happiness in the comments below 🙂

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