125 Ultimate Spring Bucket List Ideas & Activities

What better way to celebrate the new season of longer days and nature’s beauty than to create your own spring bucket list?

woman spring flowers

Spring is a beautiful reminder of… new beginnings and that with change comes a new outlook on life. 

After a long winter for many the arrival of spring feels like pure joy and this ultimate spring bucket list will help you celebrate every part of it.

Below you’ll find spring bucket list ideas for:

  • Outdoors
  • Indoors
  • Kids and families
  • Plus even more ideas

If you have kids, I encourage you to get your kids to create their own bucket lists too.

Why Create A Spring Bucket List?

If you’re reading this it’s most likely because you love spring (me too). 

The problem with the spring season though, is that it goes by way too fast. Depending on where you like it can literally be a blip, so creating your own spring bucket list is a great way to enjoy the new season.

Let’s get into it and enjoy every part of spring.

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Outdoor Spring Activities For Your Bucket List

woman hiking near waterfall

1. See the cherry blossoms

2. Go to a baseball game

3. Put up a bird feeder

4. Go on a hike

5. Have a bike ride

6. Have your morning coffee or tea outside

7. Shop at a local farmer’s market

8. Go to your local botanical garden

9. Have a garage sale

10. Go to a garage sale!

11. Take a mini road trip

12. Plant a garden

13. Plant herbs outside

14. Tidy the front and backyard

15. Bring out the patio furniture

16. Go bird watching

17. Have a picnic

18. Watch the sunset

19. Visit a waterfall

20. Eat on a patio

21. Have a barbecue

22. Pick up a skipping rope and have some active fun

23. Walk in the rain

24. Have a bonfire

25. Work outside – If you work from home, take advantage of any sunny days and bring your laptop outside to work.

26. Go wine tasting at a local vineyard

27. Walk on the beach

28. Sit on the porch during a rain storm – enjoy a cozy drink and a good book while you’re at it. 

29. Go berry picking

30. Set up a hammock for the backyard and gaze into the sky, for as long as you like. (I have one similar to this and I love it…)

31. Take your shoes to feel the grass between your toes

32. Go to a drive-in movie

33. Go on a date with yourself

34. Go to an outdoor concert

35. Do a walk or run for charity

Indoor Spring Activities for a Rainy Day

planting herbs indoors

Rainy spring days can remind us of our childhoods. There’s something about the patter of rain on the window sills and the feeling of warmer weather inching closer. 

To lean into that spring feeling here are some fun and relaxing spring activities to do when you’re stuck inside.

36. Make jam (after you go berry picking)

37. Start some seeds for your garden

38. Plan your garden – decide what annuals, perennials and veggies you want to plant this season. You can also think about planting certain perennials that attract bees – such as sunflowers, lavender, echinacea and so many more.

39. Buy some fresh flowers for the house

40. Try a spring essential oil diffuser blend

41. Have a full day of spring cleaning

42. Declutter and donate to charity

43. Start a new hobby – candle making, pottery, photography

45. Get a spring pedicure

46. Spring clean your car

47. Change your furnace air filter

48. Buy fresh produce and eat in-season vegetables – asparagus, fiddleheads, new potatoes

49. Plant indoor herbs – perfect for a kitchen windowsill

50. Declutter your closet – spring is the perfect time to put away your winter clothes and bring out your spring and summer clothes. Also, get rid of any items you don’t love, don’t wear, or that don’t fit.

51. Open your windows to let the fresh air in

52. Make some spring recipes

53. Rearrange your furniture 

54. Host afternoon tea

55. Create a new evening routine

56. Have a Self Care Sunday

57. Paint a room

58. Make a simple pleasures list

59. Start a gratitude journal – I created this one with 52 gratitude writing prompts you can try…

60. Go to a museum

61. Eat rhubarb – make a pie or have it stewed with custard

62. Make a spring wreath for the front door

63. Paint some terracotta plant pots

64. Read a spring-themed book

65. Buy some spring wardrobe staples

66. Renovate a bathroom or kitchen

67. Swap out your winter cushions for bright spring cushions

Spring Activities For Families and Kids

family flying kites

If you’re looking for fun activities to do with your kids and the whole family during the spring you’ll find them below! This is also for you kids at heart.

68. Play mini golf

69. Go fishing

70. Have a scavenger hunt

71. Make spring crafts – Origami is a great place to start

72. Celebrate Earth Day by picking up litter in your neighbourhood

73. Visit a local farm to see the animals – Even better if you can go to an animal sanctuary to see rescued farm animals living their best lives. 🙂 

74. Feed the ducks – Just make sure to learn about what’s best to feed them. Bread is not a good choice, but rice, oats, corn, and peas are!

75. Go to the zoo

76. Visit a butterfly conservatory

77. Volunteer during spring break

78. Have a family game night

79. Make Easter eggs

80. Have an Easter egg hunt

81. Play hopscotch

82. Try geocaching – a global treasure hunt!

83. Decorate your sidewalks with sidewalk chalk

84. Collect spring flowers and do some flower pressing

85. Try some stargazing with this illustrated beginners guide – 50 Things To See In The Sky

86. Go camping – you can even do this in the backyard

87. Create a fairy garden

88. Fly some kites

89. Pick wildflowers

90. Go for ice cream

91. Go to a theme park

92. Skip stones at the beach

93. Play catch

94. Look for bird nests

95. Play old-school outdoor games – croquet, hula hoop, double dutch

96. Hunt for bugs

97. Play basketball

98. Set up an outdoor movie theatre

99. Visit a local festival

100. Have a family football, soccer or baseball game

101. Paint a birdhouse

102. Blow bubbles

More Spring Activities For Your Bucket List

woman exercising outside in the spring

More fun things to do this spring

103. Start a 30-Day Challenge

104. Begin a meditation practice

105. Take photos of spring in your neighbourhood

106. Plan a summer vacation

107. Have a no social media day – or weekend

108. Set up a rain barrel – the best eco-friendly way to water your plants

109. Put up twinkly lights in the garden

110. Exercise outside

110. Visit an antique market

111. Have an at-home spa day

112. Wash your car

113. Start composting in your yard

114. Visit an art gallery

115. Be a tourist in your city

116. Buy a new indoor plant

117. Plant a lilac bush

118. Go on a hot air balloon ride

119. Learn how to scuba dive

120. Play an April Fool’s prank

121. Visit a national park

122. Shop at a local flea market

123. Visit a flower farm

124. Set new personal goals

125. Host a spring brunch

What fun spring activities will you be adding to your bucket list?

Share in the comments below 🙂

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