1. These exercises are so interesting! I’ve tried mindful walking before it’s wonderful, I try to connect with the sensation in my body as I’m walking but also visualize how different parts of my body “sees” the world around me as I’m walking, or how it looks inside my body as I’m walking (ie. blood and energy flowing to different parts, how they connect together to make a movement, etc.) I feel more energized and in tune with my body whenever I do this instead of just letting my mind drift off.

    I’m going to have to give the mindful music and mindful colouring exercises a try, they intrigue me!

    1. Thanks Sabrina, I like your additional points to focus on in the walking exercise, I’m going to try this! Hope you enjoy the other activities 🙂

    2. Hey Sabrina – Sorry for the late response. I love the way you think about mindfulness. I’m going to give your technique a try when I’m walking. It must be very relaxing. xo

  2. Love all of these!! Have always leaned to the colouring and music and have been practicing the walking more lately. Definitely looking forward to trying the 5 senses. Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. So glad you like these ideas! They make such a difference in our week if you’re able to incorporate them in. I think you’ll really like the 5 senses activity.

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