1. I recently started looking into Chinese meds because I am completely turned off from Western medicine… Being a believer in the Most High, I am seeing how biblical practices line up more with Eastern med practices of modern day. Interesting article and definitely something to take into consideration. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Chinese medicine takes a completely different approach than western medicine. With TCM it’s all about treating the whole body, mind, and spirit and looking at the entire system rather than focusing on one or two symptoms. Once I started researching and applying TCM in my life, I was hooked! I’m sure you’ll like it as well.

  2. This article is insanely helpful. I am going to start with Qigong meditation. Loved this post.

    1. Thanks Hina! Qigong meditation has been life-changing for me. Not just stress reduction but it’s changed the way I approach breathing. Highly recommend it!

  3. This is SO interesting! I’ve tried a couple of things to help with anxiety but have never tried Chinese medicine. Thanks for giving such a good overview on how to get started and different things to consider! I’m intrigued!

  4. A friend of mine is always telling me I should try TCM herbs and techniques to help with my anxiety. After reading this post, I just might try it!

  5. I’ve had a severe anxiety disorder for about 6 years and herbal remedies have been working great for me since I stopped taking my anxiety medication (it was making me like a zombie). I have my first appointment for acupuncture coming up and I’m beyond excited! These are all great tips! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Krissy, I feel for you. I’m glad herbal remedies are helping you and hope your acupuncture appointment goes well! Give these acupressure points a try and let me know how it goes.

  6. I loved, loved , loved this article!
    I loved learning about the acupressure points, I´ve always used acupuncture for physical problems I may have been going through, like sports lesions and similar issues but I did not know about this points that you could press yourself and feel the release immediately.
    That is awesome!
    I´ve already pinned this so I can refer back to it whenever I need.
    Thank you so much for the valuable information!

    1. Thanks Carla, I’m glad you enjoyed this article! If you like acupuncture, you’re going to LOVE acupressure as it’s so easy to do and completely free!

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