125 Best Things To Do On A Rainy Day For Adults

Looking for some things to do on a rainy day? Since we all love to feel intentional with our time, today I’m sharing some of the best rainy day activities for adults.

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This way you can do some meaningful activities to help you relax, get organized and have a good time.

I’m personally a big fan of rainy days. They have that nostalgic feeling and somehow give me permission to slow things down and look after myself a little better.

Rainy days can be fun too – so if you don’t love them, I hope this list of rainy day activities will change your mind.

Below you’ll find:

  • Fun things to do on a rainy day: Indoor activities
  • Relaxing rainy day activities for adults
  • Rainy day activities when you’re out and about
  • Things to do on a rainy day for productivity and organization
  • Rainy day activities for couples

Let’s get into this big list of things perfect for rainy weather days.

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Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day: Indoor Activities

125 Rainy Day Activities For Adults

These fun activities are the perfect indoor activities to do at home on a rainy day, whether it’s on your own or with friends and family.

  1. Play board games or card games with friends or family – my personal favourites: Scattegories, Pictionary and Clue
  1. Host a book club meeting
  1. Have a kitchen dance party
  1. Have a movie marathon – think about making it a theme… a classic rom-com night, Christmas in July, kid’s movies, comedies or your favourites from childhood.
  1. Do a virtual dance class
  1. Try some new recipes – have fun in the kitchen with something completely new
  1. Bake a cake or any other delicious treats – chocolate chip cookies are perfect if you’re baking with kids
  1. Play a dance video game – Just Dance or Rock Band – I just loved Dance Dance Revolution from back in the day
  1. Take an online course – Use this link to try Skillshare, free for your first month
  1. Learn a language
  1. Try brush lettering – here’s a great beginner’s book to get you started.
  1. Binge-watch a new TV series
  1. Do a big 2000-piece puzzle with the family
  1. Start planning for Christmas – it’s never too early! Check out my printable Christmas/Holiday planner HERE.
  1. Have a video call with your best friend or a close family member – if you have family that lives overseas or far away this is a perfect way to catch up
  1. Invite your friends over for tea and cake
  1. Make a playlist of your favourite songs
  1. Do a craft with your kids
  1. Cook and invite family or friends for dinner
  1. Workout – go to the gym or do some at home yoga or HIIT exercises
  1. Play some self-care BINGO to get some new self-care ideas you can try
  1. Become a volunteer – food bank, animal shelter, local sports team, Big Sister
  1. Have an indoor picnic – make it extra special with some good wine, cheese, olives and home-baked goods
  1. Make bread – if you’ve always wanted to make bread but never learned use this as an opportunity to get started

Relaxing Things To Do On A Rainy Day

tea on a rainy day

A rainy day is the perfect time to relax and unwind. Take advantage of it as a way to get some quality time in with yourself or others.

  1. Take a trip down memory lane and look at some old photos
  1. Start a 30-day challenge – check out these fun 30-day challenge ideas for various areas of your life
  1. Sit on the porch and watch the rain come down. Don’t forget to accompany this with a cozy drink (hot chocolate is perfect if it’s a cooler day) – I don’t have a porch but this is something I always dream about!
  1. Make a fancy coffee or tea and slowly enjoy (if you love tea like me you’ve got to check out the blog ‘Oh How Civilized’ – everything is so gorgeous and tasty)
  1. Do some seasonal decorating – a simple place to start is with a seasonal plant or flowers… tulips for spring, hydrangeas for summer, chrysanthemums for fall and a Christmas cactus or poinsettia for winter
  1. Find a new YouTube channel to start learning something new
  1. Pick up a few magazines and read them like the old days – you can also use these for your vision board (#7)
  1. Do some colouring in your favourite adult colouring books. I absolutely love anything from Johanna Basford
  1. Make a vision board
  1. Write a bucket list – this could be a life bucket list, travel, seasonal for vacation, etc
  1. Start a gratitude journal – here’s one I created with 52 writing prompts
  1. Watch a documentary – A couple of my favorites: The Game Changers and Love On The Spectrum
  1. Cozy up with a good book and cup of tea
  1. Pamper yourself – think cozy bubble bath, face mask, diffusing essential oils
  1. Do research on a new hobby you’d like to try – check out these hobby ideas to give you inspiration 
  1. Listen to an audiobook – you can use a local library app or start a free Audible Membership
  1. Print these affirmation cards to practice self-love
  1. Find a new podcast to listen to – I currently have an obsession with anything from The Diary Of A CEO
  1. Use these self-love journal prompts
  1. Learn to meditate – Using an app like Calm
  1. Start a scrapbook
  1. Learn to crochet or knit
  1. Write a letter to someone you love – then post it the same day (otherwise you might forget)
  1. Make food for a loved one or neighbour – the perfect way to show someone you care

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Rainy Day Activities When You’re Out & About

rainy day friends out

Who says you can’t make outdoor plans or leave the house on a rainy day? It’s actually the perfect time to get out of the house and explore.

  1. Visit a museum
  1. Go to a movie
  1. Hit up the bowling alley
  1. Take the family to indoor mini-golf
  1. Get coffee at a local cafe
  1. Take a ceramics or pottery class
  1. Go to the gym or a fitness class
  1. Meet a friend for lunch
  1. Have a walk in the rain – a little water never hurt anyone!
  1. Go for a mani and pedi
  1. Go to a trampoline park – so much fun with and without kids
  1. Take a cooking class – check out your local college for some great options
  1. Go to a play – look at local theatres to support your area
  1. Do some shopping at some local businesses
  1. Get a relaxing massage
  1. Go ice skating or roller skating at an indoor rink
  1. Visit a flea market or antique market
  1. Go to a science center
  1. Play games at an arcade
  1. Visit an animal shelter – so many pets need homes so always adopt – don’t shop
  1. Visit a local brewery
  1. Go to a bookstore and pick up a new book

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Things To Do On A Rainy Day – For Productivity & Organization

meal prep

This section is all about working on things to make your life easier so you can get a head start on your week or month. 

Spend a little time with a few and they’ll give you time and peace of mind back in return. A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to get ahead with some productive things to help you catch up.

  1. Declutter your kitchen drawers – if you have any duplicates put the extras in your donation pile
  1. Meal plan and prep for the week – check out this printable meal planner to help you get started
  1. Write a list of your family’s favourite meals – this is helpful with meal planning too
  1. Take an inventory of your pantry to see what items you need – also look at expiry dates to see what needs to be eaten
  1. Clean out your fridge and freezer
  1. Audit your closet by removing anything you no longer love or wear – then add it to the donation pile
  1. Clean the house one room at a time
  1. Learn how to start a blog with my free blogging course
  1. Sew buttons back on clothes
  1. Paint a room – or if you want a quicker way to freshen up the room, paint the trim and baseboards
  1. Work on a photo project – wedding, baby book, milestone birthday or anniversary
  1. Plan your next vacation – checking out Pinterest is the best place for inspiration
  1. Start a bullet journal
  1. Rearrange your furniture
  1. Tidy your bedroom
  1. Put new sheets on the bed
  1. Set some new personal goals for different areas of your life
  1. Declutter your email inbox – this includes unsubscribing from emails you aren’t interested in
  1. Write a monthly checklist – grab this printable freebie to get you started
  1. Create a monthly budget and savings plan
  1. Clean out a box in your garage – who knows what’s hiding in there!
  1. Do a DIY project
  1. Do your taxes
  1. File important documents
  1. Go grocery shopping or purchase online and pick up
  1. Brainstorm some side hustle ideas – start an Etsy store, sell items on Facebook marketplace, etc
  1. Make some DIY gifts – perfect for birthdays or the holidays
  1. Do some research for an upcoming purchase you’d like to make
  1. Start your holiday card list and start writing the cards early
  1. Organize all your paper clutter, then shred and recycle

Things For Couples To Do On A Rainy Day

couples massage

Most people think of the movies as a rainy day activity for a date, but there is so much more out there. So, if you’re looking for a great rainy day date idea try some of these ideas. 

  1. Stay home and make love
  1. Play truth or dare
  1. Go to a yoga class
  1. Cook together – make your favorite food for one another
  1. Hit up the hardware store to plan (and start) a DIY project
  1. Go axe throwing
  1. Get a couples massage
  1. Play pool
  1. Go shopping
  1. Do a wine and paint night
  1. Visit and few wineries for some wine-tasting
  1. Go to an art gallery or exhibit
  1. Massage each other
  1. Spend a few hours at a board game cafe
  1. Try rock climbing 
  1. Go to a concert
  1. Sing karaoke – do it at home or check out a karaoke bar
  1. Visit an indoor garden/botanical garden
  1. Go to a comedy show
  1. Watch funny YouTube videos
  1. Play video games
  1. Visit an indoor farmer’s market
  1. Get pedicures
  1. Read to one another
  1. Talk about your future plans together

Final Thoughts

Next time it’s a rainy day, give one of these rainy day activities a try. 

You can choose a fun activity, something to get organized or help you relax. Either way, rainy days are the perfect way to be intentional with your time.

What Are Your Favorite Things Do You Like To Do On A Rainy Day?

Share your favorite rainy day activities to inspire others and give us some new ideas for this list.

For me, I love drinking copious amounts of tea, doing a little organization around the house and getting some cuddle time in (usually with a good movie) with my hubby and pup. Of course, I also love getting out and about to do something fun with the family too.

More Things TO Do On A Rainy Day For Adults:

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