225 Habits To Track + Free Printable Habit Tracker

Looking to introduce some good habits into your daily routine to create positive change in your life? Well, you’re in the perfect place. 

Today we’re sharing 225 habits to track. You’ll also get access to a free printable habit tracker to help you get started on your journey.

printable habit tracker

These positive habits are a game-changer when it comes to living an intentional life. 

To find the kind of habits you’re most interested in, I’ve organized the habits below by category. As follows:

Just click the above category you want to check out first to get started.

You’ll also find:

  • A free printable habit tracker you can download now
  • Tips to use a habit tracker
  • How many habits you should track

Let’s get into it!

Why Use a Habit Tracker?

Keeping track of your habits has so many powerful benefits, such as:

Gives You Motivation

Tracking your habits daily or weekly is a great way to give yourself the motivation to stay on the right track.

If you’ve ever heard of the ‘don’t break the chain’ method from Seinfeld you’ll know how powerful it is to keep going – to not break that chain!

It’s also helpful to keep track of daily tasks you don’t love but still need to do.

Helps You See The Journey

In addition to helping with motivation, tracking your habits will help you see your journey, from when you began to where you are today. 

So what if in the beginning, you don’t hit 10K steps a day – that’s okay.

The goal with tracking habits is to be consistent, so instead of setting a goal to hit 10,000 steps every day of the week, you might want to start with 6000 steps and work up from there. Or you could aim for 3 days a week at 10,000 steps.

Inspires You To Get Into a Routine

Just ticking the boxes every day or filling in your habit tracker is a good way to start a new routine.

It’s a daily reminder to get started on the new habit you want to incorporate into your routine.

It’s a visual reminder to stay on track.

Helps You Reach A New Goal

Big goals can seem overwhelming, but in order to achieve a goal all you need to do is focus on a single habit, one at a time, allowing you to reach your goal.

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225 Healthy Habits To Track in 2023

225 Habits To Track + Free Habit Tracker

Mental Health Habits To Track

  1. Practice positive affirmations
  2. Get fresh air outside
  3. Track your mood
  4. Spend time on a hobby
  5. Write in a gratitude journal
  6. Talk to a friend
  7. Release feelings – journaling or talking to someone
  8. Therapy
  9. CBT exercises from a book like Mind Over Mood
  10. Do something you love
  11. Practice self-care
  12. Practice saying no
  13. Get physical activity
  14. Have a shower
  15. Get dressed
  16. Eat healthy meals
  17. No social media days
  18. Self-Love journaling
  19. Listen to happy music
  20. Work on a personal goal
  21. Find ways to laugh – funny videos, stand-up comedy on Netflix, etc
  22. Follow a healthy morning or bedtime routine
  23. Give yourself downtime to rest and rejuvenate
  24. Practice mindfulness
  25. Be kind to yourself – focus on positive inner dialogue

Physical Health Habits

woman stretching
  1. Track your water intake
  2. Use a food journal
  3. Walk daily – set a step or time-based goal
  4. Meal prep
  5. Cooked at home
  6. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning
  7. Stretch (morning or evening)
  8. Get 7-9 hours sleep
  9. Eat a healthy breakfast
  10. Take medication
  11. Take vitamins
  12. Exercised for at least 30 minutes
  13. Eat 5 servings of vegetables
  14. Eat 4 servings of fruit
  15. No alcohol
  16. Drink water and lemon first thing in the morning
  17. Have one fully plant-based meal a day
  18. No added sugar
  19. No caffeine
  20. Take the stairs, park further from your destination or get off the bus one stop early
  21. Walk your dog
  22. Go for a run
  23. Track symptoms – headaches, joint pain, etc
  24. Floss daily
  25. No sweets
  26. Bring lunch to work
  27. Lift weights
  28. Use sunscreen

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Spiritual Growth Habits

woman meditating
  1. Yoga
  2. Meditation
  3. Daily prayer
  4. Write in a prayer journal
  5. Study religious texts
  6. Attend a religious service (church, temple, mosque, etc)
  7. Daily acts of kindness
  8. Be humble
  9. Serve and show your love to others
  10. Show your gratitude to others
  11. Look for the kindness in others
  12. Practice patience
  13. Share your faith
  14. Act with Filotimo – popular Greek word and way of living, hard to properly translate but loosely means… 

“Filotimo describes a complex array of virtues that encompasses honour, dignity and pride, the ideal actions and behaviours, hospitality, bonds, and responsibilities between each other.” (Source) 

Work and Career Habits

  1. Wake up early – aim for 30 mins to 1 hour earlier than your normal time
  2. Get to work 10 minutes early
  3. Create a concrete agenda for every meeting you set
  4. Ask co-workers how they are – be friendly, have a chat
  5. Complete your most important task for the day first
  6. Add value to every meeting you attend – ask questions, share thoughts
  7. Network 
  8. Set weekly, monthly goals and quarterly goals
  9. Create a daily to-do list (that you actually follow)
  10. Respond to emails in the same day
  11. Prep for 10 minutes before every meeting
  12. Clean your desk at the end of each day
  13. Take a course to strengthen skills – work on it throughout the week
  14. Get outside for a conference call – walk and talk
  15. Talk to your boss – share wins, ask questions, and get to know what they want from you
  16. Learn a new skill – grab 1 free month of Skillshare here
  17. Ask for feedback
  18. Ask what skills you need for a promotion – then work towards this everyday
  19. Close down your work by 5 or 6 pm every night
  20. Dress for the job your want (not the one you have)
  21. Look for ways to help others
  22. Read an industry article every morning
  23. Meet your deadlines – always
  24. Coffee with coworker
  25. Decline meetings you don’t need to attend
  26. Social media posting

Productivity Habits

woman writing to do list
  1. Use the Pomodoro technique
  2. Stop multitasking
  3. Plan your day the night before
  4. Take a 5-minute break every hour
  5. Batch task – do similar habits in the same work session, i.e. graphic design
  6. Don’t hit snooze in the morning
  7. Snooze your phone calls during work sessions
  8. Organize your tasks based on the Eisenhower Matrix – which helps you identify tasks to focus on first based on importance and urgency
  9. Add tasks to your calendar to block off the time – giving yourself permission to focus on that specific task
  10. Plan your week every Sunday or Monday morning (and follow that plan)
  11. Write your top 3 goals/tasks in your calendar or planner every day (this will help you focus on what matters most)
  12. Use an app like toggl to track your time on projects (especially if you have to track your hours for clients
  13. Use a distractions list – anytime something off topic pops into your mind throughout the day, simply add it to the list to deal with later
  14. Start the day with your hardest task first – known as ‘Eat The Frog’

Household Habits To Track

watering plants
  1. Sweep/vacuum the floor
  2. 10-minute tidy-up every night
  3. Made the bed
  4. Rinsed/cleaned the shower
  5. Followed chore schedule
  6. One load of laundry a day
  7. Unload dishwasher
  8. Tidy/clean fridge
  9. Clean toilet
  10. Clean sink
  11. Tidy daily clutter
  12. Water plants
  13. Make dinner
  14. Tackle in-coming paperwork every day (junk mail, bills)
  15. Declutter
  16. Regularly donate stuff you don’t need
  17. Fix one small thing every day/week, etc that’s been bothering you at home 
  18. Gardening
  19. Walk the dog

Financial Habits

calculator woman
  1. Track daily expenses
  2. Track income – If self-employed review every day or week
  3. Follow a daily/weekly budget
  4. Pay bills right away
  5. Research new ways to increase income
  6. Worked on side hustle
  7. No online spending
  8. Zero spend month (other than essentials – food, bills)
  9. Put money into savings
  10. Reduce the amount spent on home utilities (gas, water, hydro) – turn lights off, use appliances during off-peak, etc
  11. Learn something new every day based on your financial goals – read articles, listen to podcasts, etc
  12. Set up automatic money transfers to your savings account and check it weekly or monthly for encouragement
  13. Look for ways to save every day and track new ideas and hacks you’ve discovered
  14. Use cash for all purchases
  15. Make healthy budget meals (that doesn’t sacrifice flavour)

Personal Development Habits

  1. Read everyday
  2. Learn from a podcast – The Diary of a CEO is my new favourite
  3. Follow a healthy morning routine
  4. Take a course 
  5. Write one line a day every day – here’s a cute journal to start this habit
  6. Create a SMART goal and track your daily progress
  7. Volunteer
  8. Leave a space better than you found it – especially in public
  9. Say YES, especially if you’re in the habit of saying no – especially to things that can help you grow as a person
  10. Use ‘The 5 Second Rule’ from Mel Robbins – count back from 5-4-3-2-1 and then take action (great for you procrastinators out there)
  11. Completed or worked towards something from bucket list
  12. Listen to a podcast
  13. Learn from a TED Talk – Here’s a powerful one on the longest study ever done on happiness

Self-Care Habits To Track

  1. Quality alone time
  2. Practice positive self-talk
  3. Go on a date with yourself
  4. Write down one thing a day you love about yourself
  5. Unplug from technology every night 1 hour earlier – then fill your time with something else you’ve been wanting to do
  6. Practice deep breathing
  7. Create a ‘feel better’ list and use is daily (when needed)
  8. Do something that physically feels good – hot bath, using essential oils, getting a massage, etc
  9. Ask for a hug
  10. Spend time in nature
  11. Do something creative
  12. Stay true to your personal boundaries
  13. Wash face and moisturize nightly

👉 Check out my Self-Care Planner Worksheets to help you build a happy balanced week.

Creative Habits To Track

  1. Brainstorm creative ideas every day
  2. Write for 30 minutes a day
  3. Spend time learning about artists, writers
  4. Work from a different location every day – new locales spark creativity and new ideas
  5. Read poetry
  6. Write poetry
  7. Try new creative outlets – like social media – try Youtube, love sketching – try watercolor
  8. Creative reflection and journaling
  9. Network with other creatives
  10. Allocate time to regular daydreaming (doing nothing and seeing where your mind travels)
  11. Use an adult coloring book
  12. Work on a puzzle
  13. Take a meaningful photo every day
  14. Learn a creative skill like brush lettering
  15. Make a new recipe – aim for something new a few times a week
  16. Work on a craft

Social / Relationship Habits To Track

friends at brunch
  1. Call your mom/dad/sister/brother
  2. Say I love you to your partner
  3. Kiss your spouse
  4. Family dinners
  5. Date night
  6. Be a good listener
  7. Do something kind for someone
  8. Don’t use your phone when talking to someone
  9. Stay in contact with people that matter to you
  10. Sex with your partner – especially great if you’re trying to conceive
  11. Stop texting and start calling people
  12. Have a weekly girl’s brunch or night out
  13. Talk to someone you don’t know
  14. Don’t complain
  15. Look for things you have in common with someone – especially if you don’t get along
  16. Reply to text messages
  17. Send a handwritten letter (or postcard) to a friend or family member

Bad Habits to Quit

  1. Reduce screentime to less than 1 hour
  2. Getting takeout
  3. Eating fried food
  4. Smoking
  5. Drinking
  6. Mindless eating / binge-eating
  7. Buying coffee out
  8. Biting nails
  9. Drinking soda
  10. Mindlessly scrolling
  11. Being late
  12. Negative self-talk
  13. Using screens before bed
  14. Staying up too late
  15. Skipping meals
  16. Procrastination
  17. Buying things you don’t need – overspending
  18. Too much social media
  19. Being rude/angry to the people you love
  20. Leaving things to the last minute
  21. Dwelling on the negative
  22. No phone at the dinner table
  23. Any other negative habit you have – focus on ending it and keep track of that!
  24. Interrupting people
  25. Gossiping

Download Your Free Printable Habit Tracker To Get Started

Free Printable Habit Tracker - PDF Download

Once you download the free habit tracker you can use one or a few of these habit tracker ideas to get started. Before you know it you’ll be focused on creating better habits in various areas of your life.

This daily habit tracker includes space to keep track of your weekly habits and before you know it your new habit will be second nature.

Want more habit tracker templates?

Check out my habit tracker bundle in my new Etsy shop. Use code 40OFFPTKO for 40% off!

Includes a yearly habit tracker as well as daily habit trackers, weekly trackers and monthly habit trackers.

Tips for using a habit tracker

woman writing to do list

Set the right goal using the SMART goals method

You want to make sure your goal aligns with what you actually want to achieve. If you don’t want to do it – trust me, your habit tracker will end up having more blank spots than you want.

>> Learn more about SMART goals here

Be Honest!

You can’t accurately track if you’re lying to yourself Remember this is for you and you only.

Have Fun & Get Creative

Use vibrant pens or markers to track your habits or use a variety of different habit trackers to mix things up.

If you miss a day, no problem

Don’t let this deter you. Just pick it up again the following day.

Don’t track habits you already do

For example, there’s no need to track when you brush your teeth (hopefully). Although this might be a good habit for your child to track!

Try Habit Stacking

This is adding a new habit to an existing habit you already do.

Start With Small Habits First

Then build on larger habits once you get into your new routine of tracking habits.

Create Time For Reflection

What will you change next week or next month based on what you learned?

Be Kind To Yourself

Habit trackers are not meant to track your value as a person. So, if you don’t complete the habits you want in a given week or month don’t use negative self-talk.

Instead reflect on what worked and what didn’t work, so you can use the learnings for the next week or month.

How Many Habits Should You Track?

I’m a believer that it’s not about the number of habits you track, but choosing the right habits to track.

I like to keep habits to a reasonable amount – ideally no more than 5 at a time, otherwise it can become overwhelming which could deter you from sticking to any new habits.

But, you know yourself best, so you do you.

If you are brand new to habit tracking I say start with tracking just one important new habit that you’d like to bring into your routine.

Next Step: Download Your Free Printable Habit Tracker

Free Printable Habit Tracker

This simple habit tracker is ready for you to download and get started on your new habit formation journey.

You’ll receive a pdf file. Once you download the weekly habit tracker pdf, print it off and get started!

You can use different colors to fill in the spots or check mark the box every time you complete a habit.

What Are you going to use from this habit list?

Will you try some new daily habits? Share a new habit you’re going to focus on – in the comments below.

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