17 Friendship Goals to Set with Good Friends

Setting friendship goals might seem like a minor task. It’s so much more than that. These goals act as a milestone in the journey to deepening our bonds. They aren’t just targets; they’re stepping stones to richer, more meaningful connections.

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Goal setting with friends brings a deeper meaning to our connections. It’s not just about having fun; it’s about growing together, supporting each other, and building memories that last a lifetime. 

Why Friendship Goals Matter

Setting goals in all relationships is important and of course, this makes sense with friends too.

Goals give us something to work towards that makes our lives more fulfilling. 

Friendship goals, specifically, help us to invest time and put a conscious effort into one of our most important relationships. 

These goals can help us create a path to meaningful, genuine friendships. 

Such connections are rare. They require dedication and a clear understanding of what we seek in a relationship. The beauty of friendship goals lies in their power to bring us closer. They do more than just fill our social calendar. They fill our lives with people who understand and cherish us for who we are.

Key Takeaways:

  • Inspires authentic connections: Consciously investing in our friendships leads to more genuine and lasting relationships.
  • Friendship goals guide personal growth: They serve as milestones for enriching our social bonds and personal development.
  • They strengthen social health: Setting specific goals for good friendships fosters deeper, more meaningful connections.

“A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.”

– Donna Roberts

How To Set Friendship Goals

We all have different types of friends – those we like to adventure with, those we can chat with for hours on end, work friends, and everyone in between. So, it’s only natural that you focus on different goals for different types of friendships.

For example, a goal with a close friend might be to travel together, while a goal with a work friend might be to have lunch out twice a month for time to properly connect.

Below I’ll be sharing goals for all types of friendships, to inspire you to either use one of these goals or to create your own.

When determining the best goals to focus on for your friendship, take a look at what brings you joy, what challenges you could tackle as a team, and what milestones you can celebrate together.

This approach ensures the goals you set aren’t just meaningful but attainable and enriching for everyone involved.

The Ultimate List of Friendship Goals

17 Friendship Goals to Set with your Bestie!

These goals bring us closer to an authentic friendship and touch on everything from shared learning experiences to embracing each other’s uniqueness. 

Whenever we choose to tackle a new adventure or dive into a heartfelt conversation, we’re laying another brick in the foundation of a friendship that stands strong against the test of time.

1. Create Lasting Memories

We often underestimate the power of shared experiences. They’re the glue binding friendships together. Crafting memories with those we cherish does more than just fill a photo album; it cements our bonds, transforming moments into treasures we carry through life. 

These collective memories become stories we recount, bringing us closer and reinforcing our connections. They serve as reminders of our journey together, reinforcing the fabric of our friendships and making them more resilient against the trials of time. 

2. Make a Bucket List and work on it

Talking about creating lasting memories, a bucket list is a great place to start.

To create a friend bucket list, start by creating a theme for it. A few examples:

  • Summer bucket list
  • Yearly bucket list 
  • Birthday bucket list
  • Travel bucket list
  • Restaurant bucket list
  • etc

Once you decide what type of bucket list you’ll be creating, get together to dream up some new adventures you can embark on together. Think about common interests and goals to create the ultimate fun list.

This journey fosters unique experiences, solidifying bonds like never before. You’ll learn, adapt, and most of all, you grow closer. The beauty of a bucket list lies in its power to unite, creating memories from shared ambitions and achievements.

3. Learn Together

two friends looking at phone

Spending time diving into new skills with friends can be a lot of fun. Learning with a friend can be extremely beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Accountability partner. You can support one another and cheer each other on to get to the finish line.
  • Help each other step out of your comfort zone
  • Having fun together in a different way
  • Learn something new about each other

When it comes to learning a new skill with friends you can do anything from a crocheting evening to learning WordPress skills to build a website, to taking an improvisation class together.

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4. Always Be Honest

As the saying goes, honesty is the best policy especially when it comes to friendships.

Honesty stands at the core of real friendships. If a difficult circumstance arises, you might fear the truth will hurt, but hiding feelings only builds bigger and bigger over time.

When it comes to being honest with your closest friends being transparent is helpful in a variety of situations:

  • Providing honest feedback
  • Being upfront when something is bothering you
  • Sharing your true thoughts and feelings (constructive criticism) when asked.

Tip 1: The best way to deliver honest feedback is to be kind. There is no need to be blunt. For example, instead of saying ‘That dress makes your hips look big’ say something like ‘I think the other dress compliments your figure better.’ 

Tip 2: You don’t always need to be honest in all situations, especially when it comes to opinions. It’s best to ask upfront… ‘do you want to vent, or do you want feedback.’

In essence, honesty molds friendships that can weather any storm, grounding them in trust and mutual respect.

5. Have A Monthly Game Night

Get together once a month for a fun games night. This is a great way to bring out laughter and a little competitiveness – the perfect formula for a fun night in.

With this in mind, I’d love to know what your favourite games are – makes sure to share in the comments below as I’m always on the lookout for new games to play. Personally I’m a huge fan of Scattegories.

6. Show Up During Hard Times

Being there in tough times matters more than you might realize. Whether you or your friend is going through mental health difficulties, dealing with grief, or generally going through a tough time, it’s comforting to know that someone is making a concerted effort to be there for you.

Strong friendships are a lot more than just fun times and laughs, they’re about showing up in good times and bad.

Difficult times test the strength of our connections. Offering a listening ear or a comforting word makes all the difference. This act of showing up, being present, becomes the glue that binds you closer together. It’s a testament to the strength and significance of true friendship.

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7. Travel Together

Traveling together fosters a unique bond, unmatched by simple day-to-day activities.

Every shared sunset, road trip, and weekend getaway strengthens mutual respect. It solidifies a friendship that thrives on understanding and experiencing the world through each other’s eyes. These memories act as milestones, marking the journey of your friendship.

8. Understand One Another’s Core Values

Different people have different ways of thinking, so getting to know each other’s core values helps you understand one another.

These core values can explain:

  • What makes someone happy
  • What provides challenges in life
  • Our different ways of communicating
  • How to support one another

Having similar core values (beliefs) creates a solid foundation for any friendship, and it’s powerful to have similar values. But also note, if you have different values it’s important to know these too as it helps you understand your friend more.

9. Embrace Your Differences

A great friend of mine and I have many similar core values but we are also very different in so many ways. We laugh about our differences and support one another even if we don’t fully understand what the other person is going through. 

Embracing differences isn’t always easy. It’s about digging deep and finding appreciation for what makes us uniquely us. This act of acceptance builds mutual respect and understanding, creating a stronger bond between you and your friends. 

Different viewpoints and life experiences enrich our relationships, making them more robust and meaningful. 

10. Spend Regular Quality Time Together

girlfriends having fun

Spending quality time together can be having daily phone conversations or getting together to have some fun..

So, it’s important to prioritize time together even with busy schedules. Putting a recurring friend’s brunch or coffee on the calendar is a great way to make sure you’re seeing each other enough. Otherwise, time flies by so quickly and before you know it 3 months has gone by without connecting with a good friend.

11. Have Regular Fun in the Great Outdoors

Embracing the great outdoors with pals means more than just catching some sunshine. It’s about pushing each other’s limits, trying new activities, and bonding over shared experiences. 

Whether it’s a hike through serene trails, a competitive game of beach volleyball, or kayaking on a Sunday afternoon, outdoor gatherings are a great way to spend time together. 

So, lace up your boots, grab your friend, and dive into the grand adventure waiting right outside your door.

12. Practice Self-Care Together

When we think of self-care, we assume it’s a solo activity, but being social and prioritizing social connections is also a powerful form of self-care.

Let’s face it, we’re all social creatures so why not look after yourself alongside some close personal friends.

Here are some fun social self-care ideas you can try:

  • Volunteering
  • Picnic in the park
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Having friends for dinner
  • Playing self-care BINGO with a close friend
  • Going for a mani and pedi

13. Workout Together

group of female friends working out

Hitting the gym, going for a run, or taking a pilates class with a friend does more than just keep you fit. It strengthens your bond like few other activities can. 

It also gives you the chance to cheer each other on and be there as an accountability partner so you can reach your exercise goals together.

14. Start a Book Club Together

By starting a book club, we give ourselves and our friends the chance to immerse in stories, ideas, and emotions. We’re not just reading; we’re expanding our horizons together, learning from the characters’ experiences as well as from each other.

This mutual growth is what cements our friendships, making them richer and more meaningful.

Book clubs are a lot of fun, even if you’re not an avid reader! Typically a book club evening includes a chat about the book with everyone sharing their opinions, but it also includes a social night to catch up and enjoy everyone’s company. 

15. Be Supportive

Being there for your friends can transform a good friendship into an unbreakable bond. Each time you show up, whether your friend is celebrating a victory or facing a tough challenge, it matters.

Supporting each other in times of success bolsters confidence and joy. During tough times, it provides a safety net that can make all the difference.

Together, you navigate the highs and lows of life, building a friendship that stands the test of time. Isn’t that what true friendship is all about? It’s about showing up, no matter what, and knowing someone else will do the same for you.

16. Be a Good Listener

Listening well makes all the difference. It turns casual chats into moments of deep connection.

You might think you already listen, but there’s more to it than just hearing words. It’s about tuning in with all your senses, showing that what your friend feels and says matters deeply to you.

For example, your friend shares something personal, and instead of planning your next sentence, you’re fully present and showing this by nodding, making eye contact, and showing attentiveness. This level of attention makes them feel seen and understood. 

Practicing empathy while listening not only shows you care but also invites openness. It cultivates a space where friends feel safe to share their true selves. 

17. Know How To Fight (& Make Up)

Fights happen, it’s a given. They test the strength of our bonds with friends. 

Tackling disagreements head-on is crucial. It’s not about the clash itself, but how we mend fences afterward that defines a friendship’s resilience. 

You learn, you grow. Working through misunderstandings deepens trust and mutual respect. True friends navigate conflicts with empathy and patience, always finding their way back to each other. 

This journey of making up strengthens connections, solidifying the foundation for lasting friendships. Remember, overcoming hurdles together only makes the bond stronger.

Final Thoughts/Conclusion

When it comes down to it, creating long-lasting friendships comes down to nurturing and prioritizing friendship goals. 

These important goals help to create healthier relationships, understand one another more to provide support, and create memories that last a lifetime; all leading to more fulfilling friendships.

Good friends play a significant role in our life from our younger years to when we’re old and grey. 

It’s these close friendships that enhance the fabric of our lives, so it’s only natural that we make a concerted effort to put in the work to maintain and strengthen one of our most powerful relationships.

Do You Have Any Best Friend Goals?

Share in the comments below to inspire others 🙂

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