1. My brother married a Dane. The very first time we met his then-girlfriend (now wife) it was a rainy day in Copenhagen and we were having hearty beef stew for supper along with a glass of red wine. While the rain drummed on the roof, we sat in perfect contentment indoors. We lingered over the meal, and the table (on this random Saturday) was set with a dozen candles or more.

    It was an amazing experience.

    After we’d had our fill (and enjoyed some sort of dessert without guilt, as that is the Danish way) his girlfriend sighed with delight and started discussing hygge with us. That was the first time I had heard the concept (which is now mainstream).

    Just the other day she texted a picture of them sitting down to Sunday tea with homemade pumpkin cake, a bottle of some aged liquor and, of course, a lit candle. They really do infuse daily life with these cozy additions and they are so happy because of it!

    1. What a beautiful memory and the most perfect day. Thanks for sharing Elisabeth. It felt good just reading about your experience. 🙂 Hygge is a wonderful thing.

  2. The mugs, chunky blanket, and five-minute journal are my favs! Forwarding to the BF!

    1. Hey Sophie! Add those 3 together and you have one cozy evening 🙂

  3. Love this post! Great ideas, definitely will use it. Thank you for sharing

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