1. As you have mentioned, minimalism is a way of life. It is a journey. Minimalism does not always mean having less “things”. Very nicely written by Laura! I was introduced to her from one of my fav podcaster and love her!

  2. Well said. Getting rid of the physical clutter is great, but I agree that it goes beyond that and you did a wonderful job explaining the other facets of minimalism.

  3. Saying no is a big one for us. We know the balance of what we need in our weekends in terms of family outings, social time and staying at home time, and work pretty hard to make it happen. If we do this, we are a lot more centered, calm, and ready to tackle the week ahead.

    1. For sure. Saying no is such an important way to balance life. Once you get used to saying no, it becomes easier too!

  4. E-clutter is definitely one most folks forget about! It’s so overwhelming have a junky inbox or a bunch of apps you don’t use on your phone. Awesome post!

    Denise // theelleaesthetic.com

  5. ahhh love this! I’m great at ditching e-clutter but need to get on my physical clutter! I literally just said to my husband this morning all the things I’m going to do to declutter!

  6. Love the post! Very helpful! Espescially e-clutter point. Thank you 🙂

  7. I really like your focus on stuff that isn’t just physical. I’m overwhelmed by a lot of areas of my life. The amount of unread emails, all of the things I’ve committed myself to – I know I need to minimize, but it’s hard to start the process.

  8. I have just recently started my journey of minimalism and I can already see a difference. I’m not a huge fan of Frozen, but I’ve taken Elsa’s song as my mantra as I’ve started cleaning out my spare room, my digital files, my Facebook friendlist, and my media usage–Let it go! I love the feeling of lightness I get when I get rid of a bunch of baggage (physical, mental, and emotional) that I just don’t need. Great post!

  9. I like this guide to minimalism. It makes me feel a lot better about myself! I still need to get rid of a lot of stuff, but I’m good at saying no and not having a lot of mental clutter. Probably because I grew up before people had cell phones, I have no problem putting mine away for hours at a time. I think that helps reduce a lot of mental clutter and stress. Since I have teenagers, we have a family rule that no cell phones are allowed during dinner.

  10. As a fellow minimalist, I’m so happy you mentioned that it’s not an overnight process and that it’s not just about physical clutter, but also how we spend our time online, and the people that are in our lives. Great post about minimalism and how we can transform our lives with this movement!

  11. Such an awesome post! I never thought about the fact that true minimalism feeds over into e-junk haha! Gosh, I’ve got to get at my inbox – it’s a bit cluttered right now!

  12. I love your post! I have recently started to eliminate clutter and it’s amazing how much stuff I have gotten rid of without even making a dent. I’m probably only halfway there but it feels good. I’m also learning to say no to things that fill my calendar and don’t serve me well. It’s hard saying no to people I care about but the free time is muc h needed!

  13. This was a great post, a very unique perspective to minimalism. Ive never thought of being a minimalist in ways other than a materialistic fashion. Thank you!

  14. These are all such great points. I especially love reading The Skimm every morning on my way to work. Gives you a glimpse into happenings around the world but not too much so that your brain doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Thanks for the read!

  15. the mental clutter really speaks to me. in general, clutter just stresses me out so I definitely need to take some of the advice here!

  16. Bonjour,
    Your post is stunning, I’m a new minimalist and try to do that at home!

  17. Dianne | diannetheron.com says:

    I’m currently working on my email inbox… I’ve managed to go down form a total of 2003 emails to about 700. If only I knew about unroll.me sooner lol

  18. Wow! What wise words and advice. I can’t handle clutter and have sought minimalism for a while. I love the thought of using it for all areas! 🙂

  19. Angela Hoyos says:

    Saying No and getting rid of that mental clutter are two things I am really trying to work on! Over the last few years I am more fluid with my NOs but I do feel that guild afterwards.

  20. E-Clutter is an area I always forget to minimalize. Thanks for the encouragement.

  21. What a great list. I started saying no when I became a SAHM and it’s been great. I learned what I can take on and what I can’t. No need to stress out and take on more than you can handle!

  22. I agree with all of this!! I’m constantly editing and removing clutter from my life!

    I’ve been conscious about unsubscribing from mailing lists lately and it feels so satisfying to clear out my inbox!

    Seppy | http://www.elleisforlove.com

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