1. I love all these tips! I prefer to use homemade cleaners as well. They don’t bother me as much and just so much safer most of the time. I love the idea of mason jars for grocery storage. Eventually, I hope to redo my pantry storage too. Kinda a small thing but I really love the new cereals that come in resealable plastic bags (can’t get away from that) they have no box so less waste and keep cereal fresh. Maybe one day they will make them compostable bags

  2. Thank you for putting this all together! Super helpful. If it helps, for tile and carpet cleaning, Chem-Dry doesn’t use toxic chemicals either!

    1. Hi Sarah! That’s great to know about the carpet clearer. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Love this! So many great tips! I do a lot of this already but there’s always ways to improve. We compost and have our own garden so that helps too. We would love to raise our own chickens too.

    1. Thanks Darlene! That would be so amazing to raise your own chickens. I’ve always dreamed of having a hobby farm and going out each morning to get fresh eggs πŸ™‚

  4. This is such a useful post, thanks. I was watching a program on tv yesterday and they were saying that washing the dirty dozen is not enough. I always thought a good rinse under the tap would wash away any nasty toxins but apparently not. And as all of my favourites are on this dirty dozen list, I think some changes need to be made.

    I’m quite a long way from having a green kitchen but these tips are really going to help me.

    1. Glad to hear! Yes, it definitely helps to have a guide and buy organic on the produce that matters.

  5. ahh i love this so much! I totally agree things taste better from a stainless steel straw! I bring mine with my everywhere! I’m happy to say we follow all of these in our house!

    1. Hey Rachel – so happy to hear! That’s fantastic that you do all of these eco-friendly things. It’s SO important. Here’s to stainless steel straws! lol

  6. YES, I’m a big fan of farmers markets too! supporting your local economy, fresher ingredients, and less packaging waste!


    1. Absolutely! So many good reasons to go to the farmer’s markets and it just tastes better too.

  7. So many great tips, I have to admit I only do some of these. But you have given me some great ideas and I definitely want to incorporate more of these in my home. I never even thought about the dishwashing and dishwasher soap, makes so much sense!!

  8. These are all great tips! Thank you! I really have been trying to work on this but it can be a struggle sometimes! I do feel good about most of the things you mentioned, though. I think I have checked most of these things off!

  9. Great tips! I probably follow a third of this list. I have been wanting to get glass containers to replace my plastic.
    I have never heard of the dirty dozen, luckily I try to buy those items organic when available anyway. I find it hard to find organic produce where I live. A lot of the time they just don’t have what I am looking for organic.
    Great advice for other ways for me to be eco-friendly at home.

  10. Love it love it. Was thinking about making my kitchen more green friendly but did not really know where to start… after reading your post, started straight away!!! Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Yasmina – That’s great to hear. The smallest of changes can actually make a great impact πŸ™‚ Have fun!

  11. I learned about the dirty dozen and clean 15 this past year. My nanny family had the list on their fridge. That’s very helpful info!

  12. We live on a farm and grow most of our own food. Our neighbor raises cattle naturally not in a confinement and you would never know he has cattle. We try to be as green as possible.

  13. Awesome! I started making small adjustments in order start the process. I’ve been making my own cleaning products and I can tell the different. Everything looks so bright and smells so fresh. I need to find farmer’s markets – I’m finding that the cost of items at the grocery store are astronomically high and these items arent the best of the best. Great Post – I love it!

    1. Hi Shatoria πŸ™‚ Thanks for the note! So true, depending on the grocery store, the cost of produce can be astronomical. Definitely try and shop for what’s on sale. Making your own cleaning products is so amazing too and this is where you can also save great $$.

  14. I agree with everything you mentioned. I need to get a Costco card so I can start buying in bulk. Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Lory! Yeah, buying in bulk helps and you can also buy in bulk outside of Costco too. In Canada we have a bulk store called Bulk Barn that sells dried goods. This is also a great place to start πŸ™‚

  15. Fabulous post, this! We do try and do our best, eating local and organic as much as we can. There’s always more that can be done though.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I wish it was easier to be green. It’s something to always keep at the top of your mind with all decisions made. So that’s great you are doing your best. Every little bit counts πŸ™‚

  16. We have done many of the things on your list but haven’t made it to farmer’s markets yet. That’s next on my list!

    1. Good on you! Staying ‘green’ is so important πŸ™‚

  17. This is such a helpful list! I only just realized how much waste I created over the weekend, I will definitely keep some of the tips in mind πŸ™‚

    1. Glad you’ll keep them in mind πŸ™‚ Being aware is the first step to change! Happy you find the list helpful too. Thanks Sarah.

  18. Yes to all of these awesome ideas! It’s amazing how some simple changes can make a HUGE difference, for us and the environment 😊. Thank you for sharing all of your amazing advice!

    1. Hey Sara! So true, even the smallest of changes makes a big impact in so many ways!

  19. Hi Yolanda, This is a great comprehensive list. Now being a mom I am more aware of chemicals and bad foods.

    Recently, I wrote an article on essential oils and replacing your cleaning products was very helpful.

    For example:

    Disinfectant Spray Cleaner: In an 8-ounce spray bottle, combine 1/4 cup of white vinegar, 1 cup of distilled water and 20 drops of lemon essential oil. Shake before spraying on countertops and surfaces to wipe down.

    You and your readers might find this helpful as well. I will share your article with my audience.

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