1. Wonderful tips. It is very useful we used to eat healthy diet and stay healthy.

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing blog that you have shared with us, indeed this was an amazing article that you shared with us, indeed these tips will surely help us in lose weight when no one in the family , is on urge to lose weight.

  3. Love this. It’s so funny how the simplest action items laid out for us, can make a huge impact! Love the reminder about the air fryer and changing the cooking method. Genius! Now I need to go grab one. Thank you!

  4. We struggle with eating healthily for our main meal (snacks are fine). My husband and daughter are picky eaters and while they will eat fish, I am allergic. It is a struggle to find healthy options that they will eat and sometimes I just cook 2 meals. We ear stirfry a lot (well, my daughter just eats the rice), but I will have to try the lentil pasta. Thanks for the tip. Love the „deep appreciation for bacon“ description too!

  5. These are great tips! I have a hard time getting my son to eat healthier. He always prefers junk. Since we’ve been stuck at home for months I’ve been able to try some new recipes that are healthier but it’s still a struggle sometimes.

  6. These are some great tips!! My air fryer is one of my favorite appliances. I use it on a regular basis. I really struggle substituting the healthier options because my kid’s stare at me like, “this isn’t the same mom.” I’m trying though.

    1. Hi Amy! That’s funny about your kids! Whenever I try and make a sneaky swap (say, whole-wheat pasta instead of white) they always notice! All we can do is keep trying! When my kids were younger I would fine grate carrots and zucchini into pasta sauce and anything else I could think of. Luckily though my family does like their veggies now and it’s actually my husband who’s more picky than my 14 year old!

  7. Since living with my partner it’s been like this! He eats like a typical 23 year old man and stays thin but it’s harder for women. These are great tips and I love to see a fellow Canadian blogger. Thanks Yolanda!

  8. I’m vegan and still struggle to incorporate new veggies and to think outside the box. I’ve tried to incorporate my boyfriend to eat more vegetables and noticed he does enjoy roasted or sauteed veggies.

  9. I love all things health + wellness related, including eating healthy, but it’s not as important to my fiance. He’ll eat the healthy food if it’s there, but he doesn’t feel the need to pay more on groceries for healthier food (why is it so expensive to eat healthy?!) Anyways, since it’s a priority for me and I do most of the shopping, I make it work within our budget. I always have healthy food and snacks available and he’s even lost 10 pounds!

    1. Hey Brittney! I am right with you! My husband is constantly buying unhealthy food (he’s the grocery shopper during covid), so it can be a real challenge! Luckily he and my son basically eat any healthy meal I make, but I have a hard time avoiding the ‘treats’ in the house. I keep telling my hubby to hide them! As far as the cost of healthy food – yes, it can be pricey at times but still healthier to make homemade than buying premade! Thanks for the note and congrats on the engagement 😉

    2. That’s amazing you’re making eating healthy and wellness a priority! It is so backwards that healthy food can be more expensive, one idea might be growing your own organic vegetables, if you have the space (I wish I did). Having healthy options available is the best first step. My husband has been losing weight easily too despite not eating the best, it’s really mind boggling, but don’t give up!

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