1. Asking for help is something that I tend to forgot. I guess cause I’ve been so used to giving and being the one that gives advice. However, in my blogging journey, I am learning to listen and not be afraid to ask for assistance when it’s something I need help with. Also, I feel more productive when I am planning things out and staying organized!

  2. I too, like most moms, have a difficult asking for help. Especially being a SAHM. I often feel like I am not worthy enough to reach out for a lending hand. Thank you for your post!

  3. So many (I was once one of them), are afraid to ask for help. Fear, shame, pride, vanity, guilt—all reasons why we won’t ask. But, by not asking, we can fall into a bigger hole or trap. Everyone has or will need help someday. If we’ve surrounded ourselves with a great tribe, let the village help. That’s one of the reasons we are here on earth—to help others. And when needed, we will be happy to do the same. Great article!

  4. Such a great read! I often find myself struggling to ask for help, but know it is necessary sometimes. Thank you for sharing.

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