1. These are great tips! I have had a couple blogs in the past – one of which is still active (and I still love it) but others I have given up on over the years. The biggest shift from that to my newest blog is that I have been more of a student this time around. I’m investing in some courses, listening to any and all advice from those who are succeeding and committing to learning something new every day.

  2. I think understanding that you’re on your own journey and not comparing yourself to others is very important in maintaining a positive and focused mindset. I see bloggers making so much money, but I’m not and that’s because we have two completely different business plans. I am curious though, where did you get the money from for your initial investments into your blog and for later upgrades?

  3. SUPER helpful! I’ve been getting stuck in a negative mindset and this is a great reminder!

  4. Understanding that you’re on your own journey is so important. I used to spend a lot of my time comparing myself to other bloggers and their own progress. Now I focus that energy on creating quality content and really improving my blog. Great tips!

  5. I love the thought of everyone having their own journey. You have different goals than someone else and naturally you will go at a different pace. I never really understood why bloggers post their income reports online, maybe someone can enlighten me?


    1. Great question! Many bloggers share their income reports in order to share how they make their money. This helps bloggers learn about new monetization methods. I also think that bloggers do it to stay accountable to their goals.

  6. This is just wanted I needed to see today!!! Thank you for the fabulous read! =)

  7. This is so great and encouraging! I def need to be more intentional with my thoughts and mindset

  8. Focusing on my own journey really is the only way to do it but for the longest time was the biggest STRUGGLE for me too.

  9. I love this! Since I started to read mindset books too, I ‘ve noticed a difference.

  10. Hey Yolanda, love the story! Super inspiring. Quick question, what plugin do you use for your twitter quotes?

    1. Hi David – so inspiring! The plugin I use is called ‘Better Click to Tweet’. I love using it to not only help people tweet but also to break up the text 🙂

  11. Thanks For Sharing These Tips! Just started a new blog today.
    – Love From INDIA

    1. Congrats on starting a blog. Best of luck to you!

  12. Stephanie says:

    This was honestly SO helpful for me to read. That first tip about knowing that you’re on your own journey was really necessary for me to read today. I’m pretty good at not comparing myself on Instagram – but when it comes to the amount of effort I put into my blog, I often get sidetracked with the comparison game. Thanks for the reminder!

  13. I’m a new blogger so these tips are very helpful! Thanks for sharing (:

    Erika Marie

  14. Mindset is key! Love this post so much, such an inspiration! I enjoyed reading every single tip. They are very useful!

  15. Really great post it really is all about mindset and I really needed this post today.

  16. What a great post! You are so right, mindset is everything. Really love all the tips, thank you for sharing!!

  17. Thank you for the inspiration! The tips were great and I definitely saw how they could be implemented. Especially the point about working with your own strengths, even as an introvert. Thank you.

  18. Wow! This post is so inspiring and is definitely something we should all take on board!

  19. Thanks so much for having me!

    1. THANK YOU for your inspirational words. I’m sure it will be helpful for everyone reading!

    1. Extremely inspiring and her tips definitely help with any big goals, career or personal related. Thanks for the feedback Angela 🙂

    2. A timely reminder. I was just struggling with wanting to give up yesterday. I shall keep trying.

      1. Blogging is A LOT of work, so I understand. Happy to hear that Alexis provided a little inspiration to help you keep going. All the best Chui!

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